The Final Curtain

Whodunit freeframe

Well, that’s a wrap.

“Who Dunit?” has done seven performances and I’m sad to see the run end. It’s been one of those shows that I was having a blast at and now it’s over and done with and that’s always a bittersweet feeling for me. The character I played was Harry, an ex-con who was hired by a mystery writer to do chores around the house; gardening during the day and then acting as butler when the time came. Harry also told the author a lot of things that he had done when he was a criminal as well.

I think Harry is my break out role. It made me develop the quirks of the character and build up open that. There were a few performances that I knew I was in the zone and after a scene as I went back stage I celebrated with a “nailed it” gesture.

It is one of those plays that I hated to see end. But like the old saying goes “all good things must come to an end.”

The Who Dunit? theatrical family has now split up and gone their own way, no more rehearsals, no more reciting lines, no more performances and no more seeing the faces of follow cast masts joking about and sharing fond memories. I’m sure our paths will cross again but not in the same capacity as this production.

For the past several weeks we’ve been meeting at the theatre and now that’s over and done with, others have gone off to other plays, some are taking a small break from the community theatre and take a much needed rest. We had a good run, and it’s always a good feeling when your sitting in a restaurant and having a meal when a few people come up to you and express that they really enjoyed the show and also by you a pint to show their appreciation.

It took me seven years but I think I’ve finally emerged as an “actor”. I’m not a fine caliber one but I have improved since my first appearance on stage seven years ago.

A woman who saw me in my first production with The Station Theatre’s “The Ghost Train” back in 2010 noticed the big difference in “Who Dunit?”.  I was in a production for the first time, nervous as hell and recited lines that I learned. This time I was invested in the character and it showed on stage.

Oh, I’m just yet ready for my close up Mr. Demille.

But, I think I can take on another juicy role like Harry.


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