Atomic Highway: All About That Base

GM Note: Session from Oct 28th 2017

Cast of Characters:
Merddyn Baruma, a feral beastmaster (Nathan)
Jeet Jeet, a trog scavenger (Darryl)
Gondor Gonzo, a feral raider (Ken)

Our adventure begins where we last left off. Merddyn, Jeet and Gondor have made their way into the See-Eff-Bee base and explored the barracks and other buildings before they decide to enter the inner compound.

Jeet places his palm on the glass panel and a voice asks him for “Identification” he states the rank and name of the person he is a descendant from.

The voice asks for password and then Jeet stammers and that’s when all hell breaks loose. As klaxon rings out and a voice stating “intruder alert!” sentry bots pop out of the ground and the gang is in a fight for their lives as they make a mad scramble for cover.

All About That Base 3

Sentry bots fire slugs as our characters decide to take cover in a barracks. It’s a good thing the boys got armoured up last session since the bullet damage is not as harsh as it was before.  Taking out a sentry bot or two along the way, they barricade themselves in a barracks. And discus their next course of action. They need a password to get in and they all decide that they might find something in the officer’s building.

Gondor crawls across the room and peers out a window and sees a sentry bot patrolling around. When the bot is not searching in his direction he gets up and makes a round across the courtyard to the officer’s mess and bullets follow every step of the way. Jeet shoots at it from the other building and draws it’s attention, Gondor fires off another shot and total disables it.

Jeet and Merddyn go running across the courtyard as three more sentry bots arrive. They are in the officer’s quarters and they do a mad search for anything resembling a password.

GM Note: There isn’t any password written down, but Darryl spends some fortune to tweak the plot so that there is something they can use. DAMN FORTUNE POINTS.

Jeet discovers that Nancy Becker kept a journal and in it he finds her password: ULYSSES GRANT LINCOLN FOUR ELEVEN. Jeet informs everyone else that he has found the password and now comes the test that several sentry bots are now in the area, scanning for intruders. He stands at the door and opens it up and ready to move he shouts out the password at one of the sentry bots and it scans him and asks for Identification.

Jeet informs the machine that he is Lt. Becker, Nancy. The sentry bot moves off and the klaxon stops as well. A major crisis has been adverted and our heroes step out into the courtyard as the sentry bots scamper back to their posts. Gondor tells them that there is thunder rumbling off in the distance but there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

They approach the panel to the interior building and Jeet puts his hand on it and it asks him for his identification and he replies Lt. Becker, Nancy. Then it asks for password he he says ULYSSES GRANT LINCOLN ONE FOUR. The klaxon sounds again and at the cost of a fortune point he stammers out the password correctly.

GM: Darryl doesn’t like taking notes and when he does he doesn’t write it down correctly and tends to get upset at me when he mis-remembers a few things that get them in trouble. 

The alarm shouts down and the gate unlocks and our heroes wonder into the inner gate and towards the big imposing building. This building has no windows what so ever and a huge double doors in the inner yard. They walk up to it and Jeet does the same process with name and ID and the door slides open. They enter into a huge foyer and notice a platform off to the side.

Jeet and Merddyn discuss what they should do next, search this area for items they can take and sell on the market. Gondor is curious about the platform and walks over to it and steps on it. The platform is activated and slowly proceeds down, Jeet and Merddyn run over and jump down onto the platform as well, since it’s activated and it doesn’t know where it is taking Gondor.

The elevator decends down 80 meters and opens up into a dark and damp place, the glow of the light from the platform reveals a chamber that is flooded with water and broken fixtures. Since Jeet is the only one with vision that can see in the dark, the others think that this is a huge mistake and maybe they should go back up. But the panel that activates the platform is broken.

As they begin to see what they can do to repair this panel, they hear sloshing sounds coming down from the hallway. Jeet notices humanoid forms shambling towards them and he doesn’t sense anything from them. Zombie like beings dressed in drab military clothing shamble towards them.

Weapons are fired off and a zombie is taken down and they rush to see if they can get the platform working again as more creatures seem to be attracted to the noise that the shotgun had made and they get the panel working and it begins to move.

Everyone gets on the panel as a zombie lunges forward and grabs Merddyn and drags him off the platform. Gondor seeing that Merddyn is in trouble jumps off and fires his assault rifle as he lands on the ground. Jeet standing on the platform decides to join his friends before the platform hits the shaft.

All About That Base2

The battle is a ferocious one since these “moss” zombies unleash spores as well and our heroes are fighting like mad dogs trying to stay alive.

GM NOTE: Nathan decides to cash in all his fortune points at this time for a plot twist.

Merddyn being a beastmaster uses his zoofinity to get into the mind of a moss zombie since they are more beast than creature and this “mind meld” seems to slow the zombies and making our heroes get the advantage and finally do away with these creatures.

Our heroes tend to their wounds and hope they haven’t been infected by the spores of the moss zombies…




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