AetherCon 2017 – Day 2: Afternoon

With “Envoys of Peace” ending. It was time for me to do last minute prep for my Boot Hill 2nd Edition game called “The Wild, The Beautiful, & The Damned”. I saw that I had four players signed up and was excited about that. I love Boot Hill and was thrilled to get a chance to play it once again.

I had one player, John C., arrive in the room and we chatted for a bit. He had never played Boot Hill before and was glad to get a chance to. He had a look at the pre-generated characters and since he was first in the room, he had first choice and he decided to play Darius Angel, a Preacher with a dark past.

We waited for several moments for the others to arrive (and no one else did). So, I asked John C. if he wanted to go it alone and I’d throw in an GMC to assist him. He said he’d was good with that and I picked Kate “Mags” Magrielle a bounty hunter.

Our adventure begins in Mad Mesa as Darius and Mags step off a train and board a stagecoach that was heading to Promise City.  The Tumbleweed Express Stage Lines and here they meet driver, Hal Landers, and riding shotgun was Templeton Markwood. There was one other passenger, Hazel Lament, who was heading to the town of Blume to visit relatives.


The road is long and dusty and it’s a quiet ride, Darius thumbing through a passage of the bible, Mags looking at the scenery out the window. Hazel jotting down some notes in a journal. When they arrive at a bend in the road that’s when the stagecoach comes to a screeching halt. A tree had fallen onto the road.

Darius sticks his head out of the coach window and asks Templeton what was going on and is told there was tree in the way. As Templeton walks towards the tree a shot rings out and hits him. Templeton drops to the ground. Hal stands up and looks around but he then takes a bullet to the head and that’s when the bandidos appear from cover firing their weapons.

GM Note: Combat in Boot Hill is very deadly, wounds are serious and there’s no cleric to come running up and slapping a cure light wound on you.

Darius has cover and concealment and returns fire and hit a bandit with a mortal wound. Mags jumps from the coach to the ground and takes cover behind an outcropping of rocks. Her rifle firing off and hitting another bandit but it doesn’t take him down. The bandit returns fire and Mags receives a minor wound.


One the bandits have been dealt. Darius runs up to check on Templeton, he sees that Templeton is still breath and Darius tends to the wound, while Mags searches the Bandidos and gather their weapons and money. Daruis stops Templeton from bleeding out and calls Hazel to look after the fallen Templeton while he approaches the tree.

It’s been cut and made to block the road. He sees if he can move it himself but to no avail. He calls Mags over to help him. Mags and him try to budge it but it seems useless to do. It’s with the assistance of Hazel that they manage to get the tree moved far enough so that they can squeeze by with the coach. They decide to take the bodies of the Bandidos into town and see if there is a bounty on them, They load the bodies on top of the coach.  They wrap up Hal’s body and load him on the stagecoach so he can get a decent burial.

They bring Templeton into the stagecoach and have Hazel nurse him as Darius takes the reign of the coach and Mags rides shot gun. Hazel tells them of a farm just a few miles down the road that they might get help there. As they arrive to where the farm is located they see no movement or any sign of life at all. Darius reigns the horses down the lane to the farm.

They stop the coach in the yard and Darius gets off the coach and heads towards the house when a door opens and a man staggers out yelling at them to be on their way. Darius hears a thick Spanish accent from the man and he sees that the fellow is about to draw a gun. Darius draws and fires killing the bandido before he even knew what hit him.

Another bandido opens the door and steps out thinking his drunken buddy was firing off shots into the air for no good reason. Encounters Mags who lays some bullets from her carbine into him.

The third bad guy leans out from a window and peers to see what is happening and learns that they are under assault and he begins to fire at Darius. Darius steps forward with pistols blazing and takes out the fellow in the window.

Mags enters the home to find the homesteader bleeding on the floor, the wife and child bound to a chair. Mags asks them if there are any more and the wife tells them no, there were only three of them. Mags cuts the rope that binds the family and they are thankful to be freed.

Mags calls out for Darius to help with the homesteader.


Darius tends to the homesteader and takes care of the wounds, the wife and child are grateful to be rescued from their tormentors. Since it’s night, it will be difficult to travel further on the road so Darius, Mags, Hazel end up staying at the farmhouse. They bring in Templeton as well to change his bandages and see if he can recuperate.

After a hearty meal and bed rolls lain out on the floor, everyone rests. There are no encounters that happen during the night, but there is the sound of flesh being tore into in the pre-dawn morning. Darius looks out the window and spots several coyotes have wandered in from the hills and have been eaten the bodies of the bandits were they had fallen. Darius waits until the creatures bellies are full and they wander off before he steps outside to look at the three bandits who no have been ripped apart. He drags the bodies away and put them in a pile away from the farmhouse.

In the morning, everyone awakes and the farmer’s wife cooks a hearty breakfast and thanks our heroes once again and tells them once they get to town to send the doctor out there way. Darius assures the homesteader’s wife and she tells him that it was an “act of god” that you arrived when they did or else they would of been all murdered.

They arrive in Blume an hour later and ask someone on the street where the doctors office is and are pointed to it. Darius stops the wagon in-front of it Doc Walters. An old fellow steps out and greets them. Darius tells Doc that Templeton is seriously wounded, and that a farmer is also in need of some medical attention as well. Doc tells him to bring the stage hand into the building.

Mags, Darius and Hazel lift Templeton from the wagon and into the building. Doc Walters calls for someone to get the Marshall as well.

The Marshall arrives and Darius explains to him what happened and shows him the bodies of the Bandits they brought. The Marshall recognizes one of them and says that he is wanted for big cash and that our heroes will get a bounty… and they do.

And on that note the adventure ended.



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