Aethercon 2017 – Day One

Yesterday Aethercon kicked off.

For those who don’t know about it:

The 6th annual AetherCon Online Tabletop RPG Convention is a gathering of pen and paper roleplaying gamers that will take place in cyberspace on the weekend of November 10-12/2017.
AetherCon is a free to attend, free to partake, non-profit initiative. Throughout the weekend there will be a plethora of tabletop RPGs on offer for all to play in. All games will be run on the free, browser-based virtual table top Roll20 and/or Google Hangouts. This program will allow GMs and players alike to simply click on a link and enter the playing area as opposed to needing to download and install the software to participate.
Basically, that’s it in a nutshell.
For my first event, I signed up for a Shadowrun adventure called “Trucking With the Fae”.  I chosen a Troll Ganger named “Wheezer” for my character. Wheezer isn’t to bright and he rode around on a Harley-Davidson scorpion and basically gets winded pretty fast when doing physical activity hence the handle “Wheezer”.
The GM, Jason, who was in Chicago ran a pretty cool scenario in Hangouts and trusted us with our dice. Three other players, Chris C, Jason, and Fedora were Canadian as well and this trio hailed from Edmonton, Alberta.
Chris played a dwarf named Noxx, Jason was an elf named Kakari, Fedora was playing a troll named Ms Myth our de facto leader. Ms. Myth gets a call from a “fixer” that has a job lined up for us and that we should meet a “Ms. Johnson” at a club called The Blue Shamrock.
After Ms. Myth rounds us up and says we got work to do we head over to the Blue Shamrock to meet our contact. Who is one Loriel Taylor which might be a big name but Wheezer hasn’t heard of.  But apparently she is a big wig and a major heavy hitter.
Ms. Taylor wants us to retrieve someone for her who just so happens to be held in another district and she doesn’t want to get her and her associates hands dirty so that’s why she called us. She offers us $10,000 NuYens a piece and also the aide of a Technomancer named Vector since none of us have decking skills, and this task needs the skills of one as well.
The thing is that Ms. Taylor will be accompanying us part of the way as well.
We load up into a van and drive the shortest route to where we need to be and go through a check point manned by orcs, which Ms. Myth brides by making a donation to a “worthy cause” the orcs are involved in.
Once pass this check point we travel on a few more miles until we have gone as far as we can with this van and then park it and then we head out into deep woods on foot. There is a ravine and another group there. Ms. Taylor doesn’t know if they are friendly or not but we scout ahead and determine that they are members of a rival corporation of Ms. Taylor so she says it’s good to go through.
Wheezer here’s that it’s good to go and goes charging out of the woods towards the group of elves that are part of a group called The Blue Ribbons? He engages in combat with trusty bowie knife in hand. Noxx runs in after him with a bucket in his hands and slams it over a guards head while Vector hacks one of the guards smarts gun and deactivates it.
In the middle of combat a Hell-hound is summoned and then things get pretty weird from that point on but eventually in the end the elf guards are taken down with a couple of survivors and Noxx makes a deal with the elf to flee.
Hiking through the woods and realizing time is getting short and our window of opportunity is slowly shrinking, we need to find another ride and that’s when we stumble upon a campground.  It’s here were we acquire a pick up truck through the good skills of our technomancer. We drive for a little ways and discuss our next course of action.
Making a full frontal assault at a security compound is just plan suicide so a decision is made to find who cleans out the place and then use that as our way into the complex and free the person we’ve been sent to retrieve. There is a cleaning company that is contracted to do the cleaning and that they will be entering the building to do there thing shortly and we make a beeline to the company’s location.
There we use a plot point (the cleaning company is having a coffee meeting and are all in the same room) and some really good hacking due to Vector’s amazing talents he locks them into the building, disables all communications and security cameras. We break into the place through a loading bay and another plot point is used (to make sure we have uniforms that fit us properly) and a cleaning vehicle to take us to the place.
All set and raring to go we make our way to the prison and enter like we’ve done this task a thousand times before. Once inside we try to locate our target and going about the task off looking like we are working as Ms. Myth bribes a talkative fellow who for a few packs of smokes tells us the cell floor and number our target is. Ms. Myth thinks three packs of cigarettes will do.
Dakari has a plan to get our target out without incident but that seems to fail as the alarm goes off and I think our jig is up. As Vector hacks into the security computers he opens up all cell doors and changes the alarm bell to a dinner bell and chaos is on the agenda at the moment.
… and this is where my computer crapped out on me. By the time I was able to log back in the game was over and done with and I couldn’t find out if the crew made it out or not until this morning we I contacted the GM, Jason, to find out what went down.
He said we made it out and no one went out with a blaze of glory.

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Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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