AetherCon Day 3 – Morning

Normally, I hit the theatre first thing Sunday morning, but due to a planned power outage in that area there wasn’t going to be anything happening at all. So, on that note I had decided to spend the morning at AetherCon.

My first game of the morning was an old classic revised in a new edition.


I was set to play a Morrow Project 4th Edition adventure at 9am. But, later I was informed by email that due to not enough players it was a no-go. Which made me a little bit sad since I do love me some MP and rarely get a chance to have a go at it. Especially the 4th edition that’s been out for a few months now. But on the plus side was promised a PDF of the 4th edition which was a consolation prize that I can get behind.

So basically my Sunday morning is a free to do with as I please.

I was waiting for 2pm to arrive since I had signed up for an adventure for a game called:


Apocalyptic dark fantasy RPG that places heroes and villains into a brutal world of ruin and adventure. The gates must be destroyed.

The adventure was called “The Coast of Thrall” and run by the creator of the game Brandon W. There was another player in the room and we were good to go. The premise of the adventure is:

[Arcanum Syndicate] The module places the players on a ship traveling the ravaged waters of the Sea of Spears. The ship is transporting a mysterious murderer to the city of Soulbade where he is to be executed for his heinous crimes. But when crew members start to turn up missing in the night, who is to blame?

I picked a Human Barbarian to play and I named him Krona. The other player, John C, piked a Half-Elf Mu Dai (a magic using martial artist?) character and named him Bok Choi.

Now I won’t go into full detail about the adventure since the module is for sale and I don’t want to spoil it by going into what we done for those who might be interested in playing it down the road.


The world of Demon Gate is called Koth and our adventure begins in the nation of Myen Wu.

The adventure begins when a group of bandits attack a merchant and the merchant stumbles into town. Bok and Krona are at the edge of the village and see him staggering in.

Bok and Krona run to assist and take him to a temple where we lay him on a table and he is dying from his wounds. His dying wish was for us to deliver an amulet to his daughter in the city of Soulbade.

Krona and Bok head to the port city and book passage with a ship called The Trident captained by a fellow named Tanis. As we wait to board a large humanoid is being loaded on board. The humaniod is chained and with a burlap sack over it’s head and being lead by guards. Afterwards, once every thing is loaded and all passengers boarded. Bok and Krona roam the ship and meet a lot of people, crew and passengers alike.

Since Krona and Bok only started out with 4 bits each we were sleeping in hammocks in the cargo hold of the ship. Krona manage to win a few coins in a dicing game was a fun moment indeed. Two dwarves were playing and one was constantly winning and tauting the other until one was out of a few coins. Krona only having 2 bits left decided to try his luck.

He ended up winning not once, not twice, but three times. And at that point he decided to call it quits.

Now, I won’t go into full detail of what happened over the few days of travel. But, I can let you know when passengers start disappearing we have a mystery to uncover. I did have a fun time playing it and the end battle was bloody and brutal.

I think I will eventually pick up a copy of this game when it hits the stands.





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