Atomic Highway: All About That Base II

Cast of Characters:
Merddyn Baruma, a feral beastmaster (Nathan)
Jeet Jeet, a trog scavenger (Darryl)
Gondor Gonzo, a feral raider (Ken)

In the darkness of the lower level our heroes did a quick search and realize they can’t see to far ahead with proper lighting.  They think they have to return to the surface to find some light sources to use. They go to the lift and find that the panel is broken.

Jeet using his lore and understanding sees if he can wire something up to get it going, and Merddyn assist him as well. (Spending a fortune point here and there as well) they manage to get the lift moving and all climb on board to return to the surface.

As the lift ascends Merddyn can hear some twanging sounds coming and notices that the wire cables are breaking.  He doesn’t inform anyone else of what he’s discovered until they are closer to the top. As soon as the lift is two feet from the top, Jeet, Gondor and Merddyn climb onto the floor just in time for the lift cables to break and the lift plunges back into the darkness.

They peer down the shaft and realize that if they want to go back down they’d need a long rope to do so. Jeet maybe thinks there might be another way to get down (or get funky) like a stairwell.  Gondor tells Jeet to open the north door and he’ll see if there is a way down.


As the door slides open this huge mechanical being slams his fist into Gondor and sending him flying across the room. The sheer force of the blow devastates Gondor (if he didn’t use fortune points to tweak the encounter he would of been dead).

Jeet closes the door after trying to deactivate the creature with a “code” but it does not work.

Gondor picks himself up from the wound. Our heroes decide a plan of action and maybe if they open the door once again, they might get the mechanical beast to chase them and maybe just maybe they might force it into the shaft. Jeet thinks maybe they should explore the south door and maybe they might find something that will help them. They go to the south door and into a very pristine room, sealed and fresh air escaping as soon as the door open. Our heroes peer in to see some sort of office space.


A pristine white desk, a vending machine and a cabinet. Merddyn with coins in his pocket decide to insert them into the vending machine and selects a container. As Jeet searches the filing cabinet and find nothing of interest in the first two doors put files upon files. It’s the third drawer that he finds a small locked box and under neath that a yellow card.

He picks up the yellow card and looks at it and sees characters he doesn’t understand.

Gondor searches the desk put finds nothing, and he cannot open the drawers so he calls over Jeet to maybe if she can work her “magic” to see if she can open them. Merddyn doesn’t want to open the container and he hands it to Gondor who unseals it and opens the container and finds a burger that looks to be fresh to eat. So he takes a bite and Merddyn waits to see if something drastic happens to Gondor (and it doesn’t).

Jeet unlocks the desks and finds nothing of interest other than a compartment with several bottles of liquor and glasses.

The move into the door to the east and it slides open as they approach.


This opens up to a huge office, a few sofas, floating orbs on sticks and a huge Kodiak bear rug on the floor. There is a locked cabinet with several weapons on display, and a round black table in the corner. Merddyn begins to roll up the rug as the others explore the room.

There is nothing on the black table and Gondor looks at the weapons on display. An Arquebus, a Blunderbuss, A Tommy Gun, an M-16 and a space for a weapon called Plasma Rifle. He gets Jeet to unlock the cabinet and he begins to claim the guns. Jeet looks at and finds nothing of interest.

Gondor having gotten the guns is intrigued with the orbs and he gathers them as well.

Jeet thinks this room belongs of somethone important and discovers that it belongs to General Hank Cheng. He places his hand on table and it activates, Jeet then looks at the table and asks to deactivate the sentinels. The table confirms the order and deactivates all the sentinels on the base.

Gondor hearing that the mechanical beast to the room to the north has been activate says that maybe they should go there since something of important is being protected there.


The enter the room and sure enough the sentinel stands down and they enter a security room. Gondor peers into the adjoining room and sees huge computers at work. He calls the others into the room as well.

The banks of machines are operational and no one dares touch a switch or dial as they explore the room. They find cabinets with yellow body suits and breathing tanks. They also discover a bracelet in the cabinets as well and Jeet puts one one. Gondor steps on the platform and it activates. Instead of sinking into the ground it rises in the air a few centimeters.


They all climb onto the platform and the platform rises from the ground and then there’s a blinding flash of light and our heroes disappear in a white electrical light. Before they do Nathan uses a plot tweak to make sure his eagle with them before they disappear.

They have been transported somewhere and they don’t know where? It’s raining hard, it’s night, and there are somewhere hot and humid and the flora is strange looking then where they are used too. They strip from the yellow suits and gather their equipment. Jeet feels a tingling sensation coming from the bracelet he puts on and looks at it.

24:49:59 with the third bank of numbers counting down. The platform has shut down and now they think they have been brought somewhere to explore in a set number of time. Gondor wants to make the most of it. They hear the sound of gunfire echoing off in the distance and that’s where they will head too.

Merddyn sends his eagle up to scout for them as they gather there gear and begin to head through the thick vegetation to see what has caused the gunfire.  Merddyn’s eagle sees several men in black clothing wearing straw hats moving towards them, apparently they caught sight of a blinding flash of light and they have come to see what caused that.

Jeet has an understanding of what might have happened. The strange weapons in Gen. Cheng’s weapon collection and now the “teleportation” device might have been a shift into time? Gondor sets up the orbs and draws his Tommy Gun and prepares for battle.

It seems their adventure has just begun…

… the end…

GM NOTE: Once the book was closed and the lights dimmed. I made a decision about ending the game on a high note. Since the past few session this Atomic Highways adventure had shifted from Mad Max and it slowly morphed into a post apocalyptic Gamma World type setting. I figured I’d end it with a huge plot twist and our heroes in another time and another realm. 


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