The Sky Goes Clank (Session 12)

A 2nd Edition Gamma World Tale

Cast of Characters:
Wyke, Pure Strain Human (Chris)
Kamanda Koroma, Mutated Humanoid (Steve)
Avagadro, Mutated Animal – Mole (Ed)
Brenda FourOneOne, Android – NPC

*Game Note: Session from Monday November, 20th , 2017

Wyke, Kamanda, Avogadro and Brenda Fouroneone have took a much needed break after exploring the north western area of the level and had come to a dead end. More like a cave in and with strange markings on the floor as well. Avogadro is booked by the sigil done up in blood, he takes it as a warning that they need to get the hell out of the area pretty damn fast.

Since our heroes can’t go any further they decide to rest for a bit and then continue exploring the other areas to the south.  Avogadro senses some thoughts to the south and alerts the others that there is something major and hungry off in the distance.

They come up to room with a row of machines along the walls.


There is something in the upper corner in the room and Kamanda sets up a repulsive field around it.  The creature looks like a prickly cactus, though it doesn’t show any hostility towards the group.

Avogadro smells food stuff in the machines, Wyke is standing watch as Kaman inspects some cards on the floor.  They look like playing cards but they pictures are holographic and are moving, various ladies dancing in various clothing attire.  Kamanda gathers up the cards.


They continue south, there they find a room with a pool in it. Avogadro hangs back because he is very suspicious of things in this strange liar that they have been exploring.

Wake and Kamanda approach the pool. It’s flowing and water is crystal clear and clean. Wake reaches in and feels the water,  he scoops up some and brings it to his nose and sniffs it and then he sticks his tongue in it to see if anything happens.  Nothing does, so he drinks it.

It’s water and it’s awesome.

Wyke fills up his canteen.  Avagadro warns the others that there is something big and hungry that is to the west of them and so they proceed to head that way and into one of the nastiest surprises that they ever stumbled upon.

A huge thunder lizard is inside a huge bay, there is a pile of bones in the south west end of the chamber. And the lizard is turning around as the party enters the room. The beast lets out a huge sonic roar and that causes massive damage to the party. Knocking poor Avogadro out cold, blood seeping from his ears. Kamanda scoops up his fallen comrade and all of them decide to high tale it out of the room and find a place to hold up for a bit.


As our heroes flee like Canadian Snowbirds in October. They see a huge tentacled thing in another room that seems to be awoken from it’s slumber due to the roar of the thunder lizard. Kamanda hasn’t time to deal with this kind of thing at the moment since the party’s main concern at the moment is to save poor Avogadro. He sets up some repulsive fields in the creatures way.

The Horl Choo, the porcupine critter, that was in the vending machine room is rolling about but it doesn’t interact with the party. It seems it’s main course of action is to survive as well.  Wyke has a couple of ‘healing sticks” that Helen Oneohone had given them, he applies them to Avogadro as well as himself.

Avagadro opens up his eyes, but he is just barely alive.

As they continue their hasty retreat through the level, they enter a room just as the elevator doors open up and whammo a group of Serfs emerge. And they don’t look to happy to see our heroes at all!


The Serfs don’t have time to act since Kamanda activates a repulsion shield once again to hold them back as they scoot past them and head to where they had found the giant inactive machine that was resting in a corner.

It’s here where our heroes decide to make a stand, it’s also here that Avogadro knows he can’t do much or else he’ll succumb to his wounds once again.  While they wait for the repulsion fields to dissipate, Kamanda looks at the giant mechanical thing and sees that it might fit a human. He informs Wyke of this and Wyke decides to see if he can strap into this mechanical contraption.

Wyke hands Brenda Fouroneone his “pig” and tells her to watch the entrance and once the Serfs or that tentacled beastie shows their ugly mugs thats when she will unleash hell.  Her and Kamanda make a line and wait, as Wyke tries to figure out how to activate this new eco-skeletal armour.

With Avagadro within range, his mutation nullify some of the Serfs mutation and Kamanda and Brenda start their assault and do quick work of the Serfs before the huge tentacled lovecraftian thingy-majig attacks!


It’s a big battle royale that occurs as the beast seemed to grow and lashes it’s tentacles at our heroes. It’s late in the battle as Wyke manoeuvres the ‘bot into battle and slams it’s metal fists into the pulpy flesh of the critter. Forcing the creature into the earthwound into the floor and then watching it fall down into the chasm.

After a moment to catch their breath they decide they will take on the thundering lizard and they have a plan of action. Wake is really enjoying his new armour and has a difficult time of moving around, but he thinks he will get it under control… eventually. The machine goes clank, clank, clank as it walks.

They head to the south chamber, Wyke is invigorated continues clanking his way to where the beast is. He has a lesson or two to teach that thundering lizard! Kamanda, Avogadro and Brenda all decide to see if they can get across a fallen walkway, Kamanda uses his repulsion field to create an invisible bridge and scampers across, followed by Brenda and then with Avogadro staying back.

Once across the room they continue on where there seems to be a barracks room and there they discover a lizard humanoid chained to the wall. Avogadro recognizes the creature to be a Sleeth. Basically, wandering healers who offer their assistance to those who need it.

They free the Sleeth, who introduces himself as Mak Coye,  He tells them that he was captured by the Serfs and forced to be their medical healer when they do have medical bays in this complex that could do wonders as well. When Mak is asked about the level he replies:

“I’m a Sleeth healer not a tour guide.”

But he does tell them that there is a giant beastie in the huge chamber next door and as if on cue they can hear the clank clank clank of Wyke as he approaches the chamber to see if he can take on the thunder lizard mano-et-mano.


Mak Coye heals Avogadro and he has an idea. The beast is waiting for Wyke to approach in the southern east door and he decides to toss some bulbs into the far corner to see if he can distract the creature.

The thunder lizard puts up one hell of a fight as well. Our heroes go in guns blazing, vibro daggers slayers, pigs ammo a flying’ and metal fists are slamming. In the end the huge beast is put down, though our heroes have taken their wounds and decide to see if Mak Coye can help them out with his medical expertise to tend to their wounds.

… to be continued…


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