Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Greenest In Flames

A Tyranny of Dragons D&D 5e campaign
Game session: November 25th 2017

Cast of Characters:
Taliesin, a wood elf druid (Nathan)
Bardied Rein, a human fighter (Ken)
Harbek Dankil, a dwarf barbarian (Darryl)

GM Note: If you haven’t played this adventure there be some spoilers ahead. I have changed a few things a little here and there but the heart of the adventure is still there.

Bardied Rein has received word that a fellow who once saved his life, Leosin Erlanthar, wants to meet in a small town called, Greenest. Bardied sees this as his opportunity to pay off that debt. So on that note he grabs his gear and heads to meet his old friend. Along the way he meets Harbek Dankil.

Harbek is the last of his clan. A dragon swooped in and destroyed everything he held dear in life, his clan, his family, his wife and child. Now with nothing but what he carries on his back. He has heard rumblings of a dragon cult activities near Greenest and he has come to seek revenge.

And they happen to stumble into Taliesin, a wood elf druid, who is making his way to Greenest as well since he’s been having having post-apocalyptic nightmares of the world being destroyed by cold, choking fumes, lightning storms, tsunami of acid, and horrible fire. Each time the dream ends with 10 evil eyes glaring at him. When he awakes he hears a child’s voice saying “Welcome to Greenest”. Taliesin feels the answers to his nightmares could be found in Greenest.

Our trio forms into a group since they all have one thing in common and that is Greenest.

For the next several days they travel the road across the Greenfields Grasslands. And it late in the day when they reach the top of a rise and see the town of Greenest just a few short miles away. but instead of the pleasant , welcoming town they expected, the see columns of black smoke rising from burning buildings, running figures that are little more than dots at this distance, and a dark, winged shape wheeling low over the keep that rises above the center of the town. Greenest is under siege!


Bardied, being the soldier that he is, looks to his newfound companions and let’s them know that they should do something and so he picks up his pace and heads to the action. Harbek seeing the dragon in the sky and the anger in him grows, and follows Bardied into battle.

Taliesin is having some second thoughts after seeing the dragon over the town, he doesn’t know if he should turn and flee or follow “fools” headlong into battle.  He decides to follow Bardied and Harbek since this might put his nightmares to rest.

Bardied is focused on the town, he doesn’t see a group of kobold off to one side that have stepped out from a behind a huge haystack, three of them have slings whirling about. Harbek spots them but before he can a warning off, the kobolds release their slings and stones fly. Bardied is hit with stone to the head, which stuns him for a moment and the kobold advances upon him.

Harbek comes charging forward with warhammer in hand. Taliesin produces flame and he prepares to throw it at a kobold he moves forward to get within range to toss the ball of flame.

The battle is quick one but not without some damage to the party itself. Harbek in his intent to dispatch a kobold had over swung and hit Taliesin. Knocking the stuffing out of him in the process, Taliesin coughs up a lot of blood and staggers about from the massive damage the warhammer has done to him. Bardied and Harbek put down the rest of the kobolds and then tend to Taliesin who is still awake but now second guessing his decision.

Bardied says they have to make it to town, he wants to rally whoever is there into fighting, Harbek says that he will want to see what they can do to save the lives of those in Greenest. They proceed on their way.

Just before they enter the town, a door to a building opens, they see an elderly woman peer out and she spots Bardied, Harbek, and Taliesin approaching and then she waves them to come in. Bardied and Harbek do, but Taliesin, being wounded, decides to see what happens first before he enters.

The elderly woman introduces herself as Rowmara, she is glad to see our heroes and asks if anyone is hurt. She lays hands on Bardied and heals his wounds. Harbek notices that Taliesin hasn’t entered goes to the door to see where he is.

As Taliesin waits out doors he spots movement coming from around the house, a small humanoid figure with a crossbow approaches. Thinking it’s a kobold he casts charm person and suggests “shoot yourself”. The humanoid makes another saves since it’s a suggest of doing harm to itself and fails and proceeds to shoot itself. The young boy falls to the ground, shocking Taliesin and Harbek who has seen what has happened.

They approach the boy to see that he is mortally wounded and their isn’t anything they can do to staunch the flow of blood. The boy looks up at them, he is in shock in his dying breath he whispers “Welcome to Greenest”.

There is movement along the stream and Harbek tells Taliesin to go inside and get healed, there will be kobolds arriving and they need to be at full strength. Taliesin goes into the building and is tended to by Rowmara. Harbek tells Bardied what happen and he goes out to look, he sees the young boy lying there and he picks it up and the bolts as well. He says a quick prayer over the boy and then he rejoins the others.

Rowmara tells them they should head for the keep and aid the militia there. Our adventures head out and start heading across a stream. They see a man limping across the street with three children race across the street. They see a women with a shield and a broken spear break from them and turn and face the direction where they came. She tells the limping man to run to the keep, she’ll hold them off here. Just as eight kobolds stream out of the alley and then surround the the woman. She looks determined to hold them off as long as possible.

Bardied and Harbek go to help the woman, Taliesin follows close behind.  Harbek lets out a roar as he goes into a rage, alerting the kobolds to their presence and four of them break off from the woman to deal with them. Their is a huge battle and the kobolds have been dealt with.

The woman with the shield and broken spear is Linan Swift and she thanks our heroes for coming to rescue them. She calls forth the others she was running with and she tells them that the safest place to be is the keep. With a small group of villagers coming out of hiding as well, our heroes lead the way to the Keep. Bardied handing Linan one of his axes to use as well.

It’s a battle after battle as our heroes make their way to the Keep. There is dwarf they encounter, Escobert the Red, he is the castellan of the keep and he had been caught off guard after a night of celebrating he is making his way back to the keep. Even after being told their is a secret way of getting into the Keep, our heroes decide that they will see what they can do with the groups that are surrounding it. Basically, telling the other citizens to follow Escobert while they “divert” the attention of the kobolds and cultists.


Telling the others to follow the street and stay undercover as much as possible, Bardied and the boys decide to come up with a plan of action. From the dim light of the fires they can make out several small groups of kobolds and cultist around the keep.

Harbek has a plan.

Harbek is enraged and then he goes charging across the field towards a small group of kobolds and a cultist.

Bardied decides it’s best if he uses the crossbow and decides to pick off from a distance. Taliesin decides to get closer, he has a plan of action and maybe one more spell up his sleeve that might do the trick.

After a quick battle and some of the kobolds have been dispatched. The wounded cultist shouts for assistance and one huge creature strides into the dim light of the fires around the keep. Standing seven feet tall and his skin covered in blue scales strolls out into the field. A line of kobolds behind him and prod four human prisoners into the dim light. You can make out a woman, a teenage boy and two young girls.  The half dragon let’s our a roar and draws attention.

“Defenders of Greenest!” he shouts, “This has been a successful night, and I am feeling generous. Do you see these four pitiful, useless prisoners? We have no need for them, so I will let them go if you send out your best warrior to fight me!”

They can here someone cry out from the keep walls before Harbek let’s out a call and excepts the challenge and approaches.

The half-dragon lets out a laugh as Harbek approaches and then the creature unleashes his breath weapon at him; lightning shoots from his mouth and towards Harbek and does a very successful save. He’s prepared for battle now and about to unleash all he can against the dragon when suddenly Taliesin runs from the shadow and grabs Harbek and tosses him into the air towards the half dragon creature!

Harbek let’s out a surprise yelp and the half-dragon warrior steps to one side and slashes at Harbek like a baseball player at a ball across the plate. He takes a big hit and due to his raged abilities that damaged is halfed. But, Harbek is seriously wounded and damn well ticked off for losing his advantage.

Bardied knowing his friend is in trouble comes running forward. Suddenly, there is a sound of a roar in the distance, as the dragon that was in town heads off. It seems to be a signal for the others and a cultist shouts that “we have what we came for!” and the kobolds, cultists and the half dragon warrior disappears into the shadows of the night leaving the four prisoners behind.

Taliesin apologizes to Harbek, he tells him he thought it was a good plan. Harbek just snarls at him and looks like he wants to give him a backhand but he decides not to. Bardied approaches and congrats Harbek on a good fight but he says that this was just a distraction so that something was taken.

They need to find the mayor of the town and find out what this is all about.







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