A Quick Lesson in Combat

A Top Secret RPG Quick Combat Scenario

Cast of Characters:
Amber St. John, Codename: Raven

*GM Note: Game session Nov 22th 2017

Time: Dec 31st 1979
Place: New York City

Amber is sitting at the counter of a bar, she’s sipping a drink and waiting for Yuri Enchoff to make his move. She had been assigned to follow him and see where he goes and who he meets. But for the past few hours he’s been sitting in a booth surrounded by hookers at Club 42. Other than fending off passes from men at the bar.

Yuri Enchoff is a Russian KGB agent is all she knows, but he hasn’t acted like a spy and he’s been very show-offish when it comes to living high on the hog. Though, Amber has a good vantage point where she can watch the booth, she sees a hand-off that Yuri slips to a fellow who has approached the counter and seemed to lip off at Yuri. Yuri stands and grabs the guys jacket and that’s when Amber spots the hand off. Yuri shoves the guy away and the fellow walks off.

Amber decides to tail the fellow as he heads out the back. She moves through the crowd and down the back past the washrooms and to a door to the street.  She steps through the exit and into the alleyway. From the shadows she sees two thugs step forward. It’s a trap.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 11.17.49 AM

Amber kicks in with a quick jab to one of the fellows and hits her mark, she slams his face into a wall and then proceeds to snap his kneecap. She turns and faces the other who approaches and grabs her and to break her hold she climbs up the wall and flips over, with full force of the fall she uses it to bring him down to the ground as well.

She rolls on the ground and comes up with a pistol in hand and fires off a shot. She hits one of the thug in the shoulder and spins him around, she lets off another shot and this time it hits him right in the head the fellow hits the ground like a sack of wet cement.

The other thug slams into her and makes a wrestle for the gun. They fight as well, she elbowing the thug with two quick jabs to the upper chest and then she swings around with her left foot to land it across his left leg and knocks him down to the ground.

She then stamps on his throat with her heel and crushes his larynix.

And thus ends our quick little battle.






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