Unknown Armies And I

I really didn’t know what Unknown Armies was until a friend of mine arrived and showed me a few of the books that were out at the time. He had submitted some material and got published and he just said that it was a very weird role playing game set in the here and now.

I looked at the core rule book and from that point on it was intriguing. Heck, the cover of the book had this guy sprawled out on his kitchen table with a bullet hole in his chest and his dead eyes staring off in the distance. Look like this unlucky chap was in the middle of eating a spaghetti dinner before he bought a ticket to the next realm that’s for sure.

The tagline of the game “A roleplaying game of transcendental horror and furious action” made the game out to be one heck of a bad ass role playing game. I had thought was a modern take on the Cthulhu mythos but it was more of a Tim Powers kind of weirdness. I read Forsake the Sky and The Anubis Gates back in the early 80’s because a friend of mine at the time, Chris M. had found them intriguing to read. So, that what UA reminded me of some Tim Powers strangeness set in the modern age and with several schools of weird magic involved.

The first session I ran was an attempt to understand the game and it was “Bill in Three Parts” and towards the end of the session the characters didn’t know what the hell happened but hey enjoyed it and that was cool.  I had written up several adventures for the game and had two or three of them printed up in Protodimension Magazine over the years. I can run a good adventured, but I write worth beans when trying to put them into a cohesive form.

In the next two weeks I’m planning on running “Go Ask Alice” at a gaming event that a fellow I know is running. He had asked me if I was interested in running something and I said sure. I didn’t know what I was going to run, but I had a few weeks to decide on what to do and then a few days ago.

Over the years I ran a few Unknown Armies adventures and my players always had a kick playing them since they weren’t exactly sure what the heck was going on at times. But UA to put it into a more visual representative UA is HP Lovecraft and Tim Powers as told by Quentin Tarantino and directed by David Lynch with a dash of David Filcher thrown in for good measure.


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