Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Now, that I’m all set and raring to go for tomorrow night’s Game Night event.

Basically, all I did was change a few minor details on the published adventure to give it more action and a little more horror here and there to give it that right Lovecraftian meets Tarantino feel to it.  Hopefully, I’ll get a player or two at the table. We shall see.

I braved the snowy weather to walk down town and stopped off at Mac’s to grab a java as I did. The coffee at Mac’s is just as good and really needed after making the intrepid trek through town.  Though, I guess a lot of people would rather spend this snow day inside where it’s nice and warm instead of trudging about in the snow unless they half too.

I’ve got a Christmas mix of music going on and with over 500+ songs about winter, snow, cold, santa, and etc., it’s putting me in a festive mood.  People are indeed walking on the streets since most of the sidewalks are not plowed yet and it just might be safer to do so then attempting to guess where they are stepping.

Oh, well enough of this rambling.


About Mana Junkie

Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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