Go Ask Alice

GameNight2017 collage

Game Night

An Unknown Armies Event for Game Night

Cast of Characters:
Aqua DeMise, Daddy’s Little Street Fighter (Sam)
Dexter Washington, Retired Detective (Simon)
Darius Angellus, Street Preacher (Dennis)
Maggie Magenta, Angelic Drifter (Kyle)
Max Cube, ex Special Forces/Drifter (Nathan)

GM Note: Go Ask Alice is an adventure I wrote for Protodimension Magazine Vol. VII so here be spoilers for those who haven’t read it yet.

Max Cube is awoken from his slumber by a phone call, he answers it as the nightmare he was having fades from his memory. On the cellphone it’s an old friend, Suki Fujimori, and she is in trouble and needs his help, his mojo, and his way with guns to solve a nasty problem and wants to know if he can make it to Doverton. It’s a small town nearby and there’s something strange happening and she’ll explain it once he gets there. She needs his assistance.

Max rounds up the rest of his cabal; The Dragons, since Suki seems to be in serious trouble and only those who are in close proximity to him at the moment. Maggie is the first on his go to list, it’s been a long time between assignments, and she’s itching for another go at the unnatural. He calls Dexter Washington has nothing better to do since he retired from the force and is up to the challenge. Aqua and Darius are easily located in the Mission district of the city. Darius preaching on a street corner and Aqua is in a garage in an underground street fighting ring. They see her put the finishing move on a big brutal Mexican and Max waves her over to the car. She gather’s her winnings and hopes into the vehicle and they are off.

GameNight2017 map

It’s late afternoon when they leave the city, it’s an overcast day and thunder rumbles in the distance. A storm is coming.

Max is driving down the interstate and it’s late in the evening. He spots a hitchhiker on the road ahead and then in a matter of seconds two huge blurs streak across the road and the hitchhiker disappears. Max alerts the others as he slows the car down and then stops in the area where the hitchhiker was standing.

Lightning flashes, thunder rumbles and the rain falls like an open faucet. Max is keeping a look upon the horizon as Dexter investigates the tracks on the ground, he discovers a severed arm in the ditch and a whole lot of blood in the area. There are tracks in the soft shoulder which look like hoof-prints. Max begins to describe what he saw, and Darius seems to think they might belong to a barguest, a type of demonic boar like beast, with fur dark as night and eyes the glow like coal and smoke from their nose. He mentions that they cannot be killed by ordinary weapons.

Max suggests everyone get back in the car, and they all begin to do so just as a creature springs from the tall grass, a huge behemoth of a beast going for Maggie. A quick reflex action from Max as he draws out a pistol and fires at the creature, and hits hit critter and is shocked to realize that he has damaged it. Maggie draws her katanas and strikes at the beast and sinking both blades into it and watch the creature fall apart in chunks of ash and washed away in the rain.

Darius explains to Max and Maggie that their weapons are their “obsession” that it might be their faith in them that cause the damage. Aqua agrees with that and then she flexes her gauntlet. Dexter says their is another one of the creatures out there and maybe they should track it down? Max seems to think that they should move on and hit Doverton first before they are sidetracked. With everyone in the vehicles, the storm intensifies and then a huge booming sound like thunder rumbles and then the rain is gone and the sky has a very starry night overhead. The vehicle is still covered in rain.

There is static on the radio and Aqua hits seek on the radio until a radio station comes in and they hear Grace Slick’s vocals telling them to “…. go ask alice, when she’s 10 feet tall…”. An unnatural event had occurred and it stirs some of our heroes up some, and they seem to think that something weird is differently going on here in Doverton area.

They drive on and spot a roadside diner ahead, Aqua says she’s famished and wants to grab a quick bite to eat. Max seems to think that stopping would only waylay their plans, but Maggie says that you “can’t fight on an empty stomache”. Reluctantly, Max pulls into the dinner since there’s nothing like a hungry street fighter.

The roadside diner is called, Will’s Place, looks like one of those box style diners erected in the 50’s and had obviously seen better days long ago. There are two cars in the parking lot and four motorcycles as well. Dexter makes a remake that it might be a cruise night going on since the cars are classic. The door chimes alert those inside that someone is entering the establishment, our heroes spot a family sitting off to one side; a mother, father and a little girl, there are two old gents sitting at the counter playing checkers, a waitress, four bikers in a booth and they also hear music coming from an old jukebox; it’s Steppenwolf telling someone to “get your motor running…”. Our heroes pick a table and sit down and the waitress saunters over with a pot of coffee.

The grab menus and think about what to order but then something weird with the prices since they notice that  a hamburger is only .65 cents and a coffee .10 cents as well. Max seems to think this diner is taken cruise night to a whole new level, while Dexter is wracking his brain and asking the waitress questions about the scores and what teams are playing. Maggie sees a newspaper and she picks it up and discovers the exact date: August 27th 1974.  Our heroes are in a shock since they apparently travelled back in time about 40 years!

Before the realization settles in they notice flashing lights of a police car approaching, but it seems to weaving a little and coming in at a very slow pace. It seems to make a beeline to the dinner and stops with a thud against the wall of the dinner. Maggie, Max and Dexter run out to see if the driver is alright, while Aqua wolfs down four burgers and Darius is reluctant to investigate since he senses something not right about the entire night.

Dexter admires the police car since it’s a vintage classic, Maggie peers inside to see the deputy inside with half his guts spilled out on the seat; he’s dead.  Maggie reaches in and grabs a notepad from the dash and Max walks around to the driver side and sees that the door has been clawed and ripped into. Maggie sees the entries on the last page about the deputies day so far and the last two entries:

4:15 Grabbing a coffee at Will’s Place and maybe a bite to eat.
5:22 Heading up to Old Mrs. Sibyl’s Estate for a weekly check in.

Max wants to see if he can Suki in Doverton, Dexter tells him that she’s probably still in our time and that they’ve been transported back somehow and maybe this whole thing is also the reason why they are here in the first place. Maggie suggest they should go to this Sybil place to see if maybe this has something to do with them being here.

The old fellows tells them that Alice Sybil is a spinster who lives alone in an old estate that she must be pretty close to 90 years old or something like that. She rarefies steps out of the manor and is hardly seen at all.  Her Husband was a handyman who made things and bought the farmland long go and wanted to keep his privacy. Some say he ran off with a younger woman after losing his eye in a fight.

The Dragons decide to head to the Sybil Estate since it’s close to Doverton.  They arrive outside the wrought iron fence and notice that there are flashing lights from the driveway as two other cop cars are up in the lot. Max parks close by and they decide to hatch a plan to see what is happening. Dexter wants to go over the fence and approach it that way, Maggie says maybe she should wander up the laneway since she is a hitchhiker and needs direction? They decide to go with that plan and Maggie heads up the laneway.

As she approaches she sees that there are two cop cars and a body lying on the laneway, this is not a good sign and she waves for the others to approach. Max and the gang drive up the laneway and they notice an old pool by the pond, it’s grazing and doesn’t seem to notice them at all. Two cop cars are parked by the front porch of the building, the body of an officer lying off to one side looks like he’s been ripped apart. The also spot another body of an officer on the porch and the door to the house is wide open.

Dexter peers into the garage and sees two vehicles parked, both covered in dust as if they haven’t been used in decades. They approach the front door of the place and see that the lights are on dim, that it’s very dusty and dirty and cobwebs galore. But in the dust on the floor there is a well worn path that has been followed routinely.

Mrs. Sybil are you home? No answer.

The step inside and begin to investigate the home, following the worn path and noticing that everything hasn’t been used in a long, long time. They here sounds of buzzing in the kitchen and see fresh footprints in the dust, most likely from the officer on the porch, approach the door and then fled back.

Inside the kitchen they see tons of houseflies and several hundred bags of groceries pile on the table and counters. The proceed to follow the worn path from room to room and noticing that this woman kept to the same pattern; in a sitting room there is one chair that is well used and a book that is so well read that several pages have fallen out and scattered on the floor as well.

They go through each room and see more dust, more cobwebs and only certain items being used. So they go upstairs, following the well worn path. It goes put to second floor and to a room, but some fresh footprints break off and go to a door and they decide to follow those to see what it leads too.

Each another room by room exploration as they find little or no clues at all to what happens until they come to the master bedroom. Where they find a mummified husked with an eyepatch in bed. There is a body of police officer on the floor and covered in blood with chucks of flesh torn from it’s body. It looks like the officer put up a good fight and fired off several rounds before he went down.

Signing a light in the room they notice something weird about the shadows in corners, and Maggie is about to enter the room but Darius tells the others not to enter the room since he believes that their might be Tenebrae in the room. He tells them that the shadowy things are darkness with teeth explaining to them that there was an episode of Dr. Who just a few years ago about a library and how the shadows devoured everything they fell upon. They are mystical scavengers of the unloved and glad the corpses of people whom no one misses. Since Otis is a mummified remain due to the heating and dryness of the room he has four of these creatures. Maggie suggests to Darius to give the body last rights and see what happens, maybe do it from the door and so that maybe these shadowy beasts will leave.

Dexter agrees saying that when the officer entered the room it disturbed the creatures and they ripped him apart. Darius performs the last rites and sure enough the Tenebrae melt back into the shadows, our heroes enter the room and see that Otis had indeed passes away maybe in his sleep, on the nightstand there are rings on a chain. They take them.

In another room, at the end of the path they open a door and see a beautiful women sitting in chair in the centre of the room. The lights see a workbench and a lot of mechanisms on it, gears, clocks, and trinkets. The woman is dressed in a victorian style and has her hair done up and asks if they are friends of Otto. She hasn’t had company in a long time and is glad to see some friendly faces.

Max, Maggie, Darius, Dexter and Aqua notices that she movement is a little jerky and that her speech seems to resonate with a click after each sentence is spoken. She is a clockwork being! They question her about things and she tells them what she knows and that her life is routine, getting groceries and putting them in the kitchen, going to the sitting room and reading a book, then go upstairs and wait for the day to start over again. Maggie seeing the sadness in Alice’s eyes discusses with the others that maybe it would be best to shut her off. One of the keys on Otto’s chain is a prism shape and there seems to be a slot in the chest area where the prism fits.

She inserts the key and Alice closes her eyes and they hear the mechanisms gearing down, and that’s when the bull near the pond let’s out a thunderous roar and glancing outside they see the bull begin to shift and change into a giant tentacled beast.

Darius, due to his occult lore, knows what this beast is. It’s AN UNSPEAKABLE SERVANT, it explains the missing eye on Otto and why there are clawed marks on police car and the  turn apart officers in the yard. Dexter seems to think there is a connection with Alice and he tells Maggie to turn her back on before it’s too late. Maggie inserts the key and activates Alice and they hear the sounds of the gears turning slowly as the bull/unspeakable servant begins to charge towards the house.

As Alice’s eyes open and a clank echoes about the room, the bull stops charging and tilts it’s head as if to listen. Satisfied after a few moments it reverts back to it’s bull form and wanders back to the pond. Maggie says that maybe they will have to let her join them on their quest instead of a living in solitude, Alice likes that idea since Maggie had activated once again.

She tells the PC’s since Otto has been sleeping that maybe they should turn off the device int he root cellar. Thus one of the keys on the chain is for the root cellar and they go down stairs, and as Alice steps outside the house for the very first time. The bull glances up in their general direction and seeing that no harm has come to her, goes back to grazing.

Down in the workshop there is a device in the centre of the room that is a huge rooting orb device with wires and lights , this is a generator that Otto had built as explain by his notes on the work table. The Gilbert’s Orb is what it’s called and named after William Gilbert who coined the world “electricity”. In the notes he had referenced that his first wife died of cancer and he was lonely and created Alice II and he wanted to keep private so he gave an eye and summoned an Unspeakable Servant as guardian of the estate and of Alice. As a result of cutting out his eye he got an infection in it and it became septic.

He died a few days later.

Our heroes shut down the Gilbert’s Orb and a wave hits them and they are standing in the ruins of Sybil Manor and the Bull is no where to be seen, Alice is still with them and they emerge to see an elderly woman holding a wallet out.

They recognize her as the young girl from the diner and she had found a wallet that one of them had dropped on the night that the police officer arrived at the diner. She hands it to Max.









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