Walking In A Winter Hinterland


A D&D (5E) Boxing Day Event

Cast of Characters:
Ander Stormwind, a retired human fighter (Kenneth)
Lucas “Lord Lute” O’Lute, a half elf bard (Sam)
Eldin Tosscoble, a hafling monk (Darryl)
Wilby Greenbottle, a halfling rogue (Chance)

Our story begins on a Lonesome Sparrow coach, three strangers have all booked passage to the northern region of the kingdom.  Though, they do not know each other in the beginning of the journey, but since it is a long trek they do get to become acquaintances.

Ander is trying to escape from his past, he was in the military but now he is seeking his forgiveness for something that he had done that caused a lot of death to his company. He knows that his is impetuous nature will be the downfall of him one day… but not today.

Lord Lute is a vagabond soul traveling from area to area and using his various talents to provide a warm bed and a good meal. Though as a traveling entertainer he has seen and witness a few things that made him want to weave his own name into songs and tales told.

Eldin his cousin, Wilby, wrote to him of some strange mishaps happening in the hinterlands and wants to investigate. If there be evil there he wants to be there to vanquish it. He’s off to meet with his cousin at the outpost.

As the Lonesome Sparrow coach travels north leaving well used roads to a rarely used trail the pace of the wagon slows at time, the road not as smooth and comfortable as the coach jostles our passengers around some. They should be arriving at the outpost by evening time. Ander and Lord Lute banter over Lord using the name Lord. Eldin stares out the window and that’s when he spots the stagehand fall to the ground. A huge spear is sticking out of the fellows chest, and Eldin shouts a warning to the others that they are under attack.

Ander peers out and sees the stagehand on the ground behind them and he grabs his weapon and disembarks from the coach before it has a chance to stop. Ander jumps out and rolls on the ground and comes up with his sword ready after receiving a little “road rash” on his backside. Which impedes his movement at the moment.

The driver of the coach is then hit with a spear and he slumps over, hitting the breaking lever and the horses come to a slow stop. Ander cannot rush to the driver since his backside is tender from his fall, so he looks around the area to see where exactly did the spears come form. Eldin jumps out and rushes over to check on the driver of the coach, while Lord Lute brings out his crossbow.

Ander spots three forms  on a small outcropping, being a soldier he can tell immediately that they are orcs. He shouts off a warning to his friends before he makes a charge towards the orcs, running as quickly as he can since his adrenaline kicked in. Eldin stops the blood from flowing from the drivers wounds and then heads to combat, Lord Lute fires off a crossbow.

Three orc raiders thought they had an easy mark when they decided to attack the coach, until they release that they were up against people fighting back. The combat is swift and brutal as the orcs fall one by one, each of our heroes have dispatched them.

They gather what they can from the orcs, spears, coins and Ander decides to take a tattoo from one of the orcs but fails, he tries the next body and that too is botched. The third one he takes his time and cuts out the tattoo marking from the body. Eldin helps the wounded driver into the coach, and they wrap up the body of the stagehand and put him inside as well. Eldin gets up on the driver seat, with Lord Luck riding “shotgun” as Ander rides in back keeping an eye on the driver. The journey to the outpost is slow and steady and they eventually reach their destination.

Night has arrived and the temperature has plunged drastically, the cold wind sweeps in from the north as well as they pull up to the closed gates of Olland’s Outpost. A sentry shouts a warning inside before calling out to the coach. Eldin answers stating the coach was attacked by orcs and the driver is wounded but the stagehand didn’t make it. There is a brief pause from the sentry and then he shouts for the main gate to be open. The doors open up and our heroes see a small group of archers standing on ground, bows drawn and arrows notched as the coach pulls in.

Ander in his excitement proclaims that he has proof and shows what appears to be a parchment out the window which startles one of the sentries and an arrow flies across the courtyard striking inches away from Ander. Ander proclaims that it is a tattoo marking that he got from one of the orcs as the leader of the sentries, a human named Owyn Taper, steps forward to inspect. He is keeping an eye out on the others for any sudden movement. Owyn takes the tattoo and looks at it, he tells them that it’s the marking of clan of orcs that haven’t been in the area in three decades.  He tells them that this is the third incident within a week that orcs have attacked travelers along the roadway.

The stable hands come from the stables to unhitch the coach, the sentries assist in with the moving of the coach after our heroes disembark. Owyn greets them and tells them there might be some rooms in the inn. With the wounded driver being taken care off, our heroes head to the inn. A young stable boy follows them, he askes Ander if he is a warrior because of his imposing nature and Ander tells him he had seen a few battles. The stable boy introduces himself as Dillon and wants to learn the ways of a warrior.

Ander tells Dillon in order to be a warrior, he needs to have a sword and shield first and Dillon scampers off. Lord Lute tells Ander that maybe it’s not a good idea to encourage the lad, while Eldin checks on the driver off the coach to make sure he is looked after.

Our heroes enter the inn where they spot Tenk Olland,  a large human about 300 pounds, who is sitting behind the bar. There are two serving wenches going about the tables: Helga who is pleasantly plump as well and with a jovial attitude and there is Deminique, a beautiful slender lady wearing long white gloves and serving with a cold smile.  Eldin looks around to see if he can spot Wilby and doesn’t so he goes to a table and waits.  Ander heads to the bar and orders four drinks (all for him of course) and puts the coins he got from the looted Orc bodies as payment and proceeds to drink while glancing around the bar.

Lord Lute offers to perform for the crowd for a room and a meal and Tenk tells him to go ahead and do so and they’ll negotiate afterwards. Lord Lute takes out his lute and then on second though he puts it away and takes out the recorder in a grand gesture that catches the eyes of everyone around, except for Deminique who goes about her business refilling drinks. His performance is not to bad at all which earns him a total of 3 gold coins.

Dillon enters the inn with a rusty sword and a battered shield that looks like it had seen better days about a century ago. He approaches Ander and tells him he is ready to learn and Ander slides over a tankard to the young lad and tells him to drink. This is also the way of a warrior as well.

Eldin sits at his table enjoying a meal as Lord Lute plays songs to entertain the audience. Ander fancies Deminique but he makes a play for Helga and she accepts his offer of a little merriment and they both disappear off to a room. Dillon sips his tankard and joins Eldin and both say not much at all.

Ander is wounded in his making of merry and afterwards he approaches Eldin to see if he can fix him up some. Since his backside is covered with scratches among the road rash he sustained earlier. Dillon stares at Ander in awe, as Tenk walks over to the table and hands Ander some ointment to tend to his wounds. Lord Lute finishes off his set with a ballad and then joins the other at the table.

This is when they approached by a fellow, he introduces himself as Ellek Phist, he also has a medallion on display that is a yellow circle with six out radiating points, showing that he is a Cleric of Pelor. After here Lord Lute’s tales and Ander’s boasting to the young Dillon about his exploits he figures they are the crew that might be up for a challenge.

Ellek tells them that he was on his way to an abandoned seminary that is two days north from here when he and his group where accosted by five orcs. They manage to take two down but his companions also fell in the skirmish. He needs help taking some relics to this abandoned seminary to reconsecrate it in Pelor’s name. He’s also offering to split the 1000 gold coins among them as well if they assist him in his task and then escort him back to Waterdeep.  That’s when Wilby makes his appearance the sound of gold coins for services rings delightfully in his ears.

Wilby has been residing in an outpost for several days, since he got into trouble in Waterdeep and needed a place to to hold up a few days while the dust settles down some he had decided on holding up in a remote place as possible. While there he had heard some stories and rumours of some strange happenings going on and had written to his cousin, Eldin, since he’s the do-gooder of the clan.

Eldin introduces his cousin to the rest of the party and they all decide to except the offer and require an advance to purchase some equipment, furs and food that they will need for the two day trek to the abandoned seminary. Ellen gives them each 50 gold to buy what they need and says he will meet them in the common room first thing in the morning.  Ander sets out to see the blacksmith, Eldin and Lord Lute go to the general store to get some furs since the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Dillon follows his mentor, Ander, who proceeds to buy him a better quality sword and some furs as well as a shield.

With material and equipment purchased our heroes bed down for the night.

When dawn arrives it’s a crisp and cold day, the sky is a bright blue hue and the temperature is way below freezing point. Ellek steps out from his chambers with a small chest and puts it on the table, he tells them that these are relics to help them reclaim the seminary.  Ander tells Dillon to carry the chest, when the others bulk at the suggestion he tells them that it is part of the training the young lead needs. Dillon lifts the chest but it’s way to heavy for him to do so, Lord Lute suggest that maybe they should purchase a mule to carry the burden. Ellek agrees and he heads out to the stable.

Our heroes have a hearty breakfast, Ander chatting with Dillon telling him what he needs to know in case of battle. Helga serves them their meal and gives Ander a wink and a smile. Tenk is grumbling since Deminique hasn’t arrived for her shift. Helga tells Tenk that Dominique wasn’t feeling good last night. After washing down there breakfast with ale our heroes head out the door to meet Elek.

He has indeed purchased a mule and everyone begins strapping their backpacks to it. As they do so, the blacksmith approaches them with a sword in a scabbard. He has heard that they are heading to the abandoned seminary and that they might need this sword. He takes it from the sheath to reveal it’s made from silver and tells them of rumours of the undead roam there now. Wilby maneuvers around and plucks the sword from it’s sheath to the arguments of others.

The blacksmith nods and tells them to be careful, things have been getting pretty bad with the orcs sightings, undead activity which is rumoured to be in the area as well. There is something strange brewing and on that note our heroes and Ellek leave Orland’s Outpost and make their way upon the snow covered ground towards the monastery.

Ellek tells them that it was at one time a training ground for clerics of Pelor since it’s on a high in the mountain range and close to the sun as well. At times there would be several clerics and fighters training on the ground and worship Pelor in the morning, noon, and sunset. Several years ago, the seminary was abandoned for reasons unknown but a few weeks ago Ellek was approached with the task of seeking the condition of the structure and to see if they can use it once again. And that is the reason why he is this far north.

They traveled for the better part of the day with no encounters and decide to camp down for the night. Spotting a rock outcropping that would provide protection from the bitter wind. As they enter the area and set up camp, Ander orders Dillon to go out into the area and bring in wood for the campfire and he does so.  Dillon returns and says he thinks he spots someone and the rest look and make out a form in the blowing snow bypassing by them.

Ander grabs his sword and Wilby follows him out into the snow. Ander goes to the area where they think the person had passed and sure enough he sees foot prints int he snow. Human sized tracks with what looks to be like wolf tracks beside it. They follow it for a few meters and then they see a huge beast before them, it’s eyes seem to glow in the evening and it springs to attack. Wilby gets a lucky hit to the beast and Ander finishes it off with a thrust into it’s hide.  They head back to camp and Ander drags the wolf carcus to the campsite leaving a trail of blood.

When the get back they see that Eldin had gathered pine branches to put as a barrier to protect them from the elements. Lord Lute had been building up the fire with the help of Dillon. Under drags the wolf’s corpse into the campsite and proceeds to gut and see if he can tan it as well, this too upsets the party with Eldin telling him to do it outside the campsite but Ander shrugs and continues to do so.

They are discussing who is going to take what watch throughout the night when magic missles fly from the night and towards the campsite. The bolts separate and hit  Ander, Dillon and Wilby. When they go out to see where it came from, they can’t see much with the blowing snow and the darkness.  They do hear howls in the wind as well. Though, our heroes are prepared for battle there is none to be had.

Ellek heals those who have been wounded and our heroes bed down for the night, with two people on watch every couple of hours until dawn. After a quick breakfast our heroes break camp and head to the seminary. They do follow the tracks of the human but this time she is joined with several wolves as well. The follow them for several hours and then they see the wolves have broke off and went off in a eastern direction. By early evening they arrive at the abandoned seminary and they see movement on the top of the building.

Ellek reaches for his holy symbol and is hit with three magic missiles that strike him hard, knocking him to the ground still gripping the symbol in his hands. Then they see the snow that skeletons are rising from the ground. Dressed in ragged armour and carrying broken weapons they begin to trudge through the snow towards our heroes.

Eldin goes to check Ellek and see that he has perished from his wounds, he calls to Dillon to stay with the mule and guard the chest as they prepare for battle. It’s a battle in the snow as skeletons surround our heroes and about five of them are battling Ander, Dillon breaks from his post to help with his weapon, though he doesn’t hit any of the creatures he is bound and determined to protect his mentor at all costs.

GM Note: It’s one of the reasons why I told Ken to roll  extra roll an extra d20 and he didn’t know what that was for. 

Eldin and Wilby confront a small group of skeleton while Lord Lute stays back and begins to pick them off with his crossbow. It’s only a few rounds of combat when they realize that their edge weapons aren’t doing the damage they should be doing and that maybe the blunt weapons might do the trick.

In this battle once their group is down, Eldin goes to assist Ander only to take a massive blow from Ander’s shield since he is using that to bash at the skeletal warriors. Eldin goes down for the count since it was a devastating hit and Lord Lute rushes to the fallen halfling to say a few healing words to stanch the blood less and heal some a bit.

Eventually, the remaining skeletons are dispatched and our heroes regroup to check how they are doing. Dillon had taken a few minor cuts but is still standing, he is scolded by Eldin for leaving his post and he tells the boy that when he tells him to stay put he should stay put. Dillon says he was only trying to help his mentor and Eldin tells him that he is only a human shield to Ander and that he probably didn’t care if he lived or died.

Our heroes take inventory and say they can’t turn back now. Night has fallen the temperature has dropped drastically and they only safe haven at the moment would be the monastery and maybe deal with what is inside. Ander approaches Eldin and hands him a potion of healing. He is sorry for bashing him and nearly getting him killed in the battle. Eldin takes it and drinks it and heals up some and our heroes press on.

Before they approach the door, they stop and bind the fallen Ellek. Eldin wants to make sure that the evil magic user inside doesn’t use the fallen priests body to waylay them again. He also tells Dillon to stay put this time and not leave his post until the all clear signal is given.

The arrive at the door and open it to see that it’s dark inside, Ander tosses a torch inside and sees that it’s consume by the darkness. Lord Lute suggest that the darkness is magical in nature and that it might be a trap, with a magical stone in their possession they enter to see a golden construct in the shape of a giant skeleton arise and it’s one hell of a battle.

The skeletal construct is using a weapon made of gold as well and swings it at our heroes.   Ander charges in with Eldin and Wilby and Lord Lute holds back peppering the construct with crossbow bolts. It is in this battle that Ander hits Eldin once again with a devastating hit that knocks the small halfling across the room and into some broken pews. Lord Lute spots Deminique in the other room and this time she reveals that she is a tiefling, he takes a shot at her and hits. Disrupting a spell she was going to cast.

The construct fights and is taken wounds and is wounded as well, in the process as it staggers about it spits out a gem at Anders feet. Wilby seeing this runs and tackles Ander and both of them tumble out of the blast radius of the exploding gem.  With the construct defeated they now face Deminique.

And she puts up one heck of a fight as well but is eventually overpowered by our heroes and killed. Here body turns to ash leaving a robe and a gem behind. Was she a construct as well? Our heroes search the building and find nothing else so they get Dillon and the mule inside out from the cold. Taking inventory of what inside the chest they find four items of Pelor they decide to place in niches throughout the chapel, with Eldin being the closest thing to a priest he goes about asking permission of Pelor to finish what Ellek was sent here to do and proceeds to do so.

Wilby sets up a fire in the fireplace and our heroes tend to their wounds only to discover that as a thank you from Pelor he had healed them all.



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