Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Battlefield

A Tyranny of Dragons  5e Campaign
Game Session: December 30th 2017

Cast of Characters:
Taliesin, a wood elf druid (Nathan) away
Bardied Rein, a human fighter (Ken)
Harbek Dankil, a dwarf barbarian (Darryl)
Linan Swift, a human warrior (NPC)


Taliesin and Linan rush to the four prisoners and release them, while Bardied and Harbek notice a commotion on the keep wall.  There they see some soldiers pointing off in the distance; the guards have spotted a new threat.

Govenor Nigthhill shouts that raiders are trying to set the mill on fire. And if it burns the town will lose it’s stockpile of flour and making winter survival an issue. Our heroes are asked to go to the mill and drive away the raiders there while Nighthill muster up some defenders and will get there as soon as possible.

Bardied and Herbek agree and proceed to head to the mill. Linan sees them running off and she alerts Taliesin to what they are doing, he nods. The fighter and barbarian are in their element of battle running across a field and headlong into combat. As they are passing a few humble abodes they encounter a small group of kobolds.

Bardied and Herbek each deal with two kobolds, as Bardied prepares for battle by dropping his sword and shield before the scuffle and bring out two hand-axes and focusing on one target.  Harbek with his short legs arrives, he’s out of breath but ready to tackle the scum-sucking kobolds.

The battle is pretty brutal with Bardied burying his axes in the skull of the first kobold and he spots several more forms from the shadows rushing towards them. Looking like four more kobolds and an orc.  Linan also arrives to assist Bardied and Harbek with the first group of kobolds, each of them taking out a kobold and then they face the next wave of them. As the kobolds rush in they can see the orc warrior draw his longsword, it has a reddish hue to it and he scans our heroes to see who is the bigger threat.

The second wave battle is a hard fought one as well, with Bardied over-swinging and hitting Harbek hard. Linan with sword in hand does her best to put down a kobold, as Bardied and Harbek focus their attacks on the orc warrior, leaving them open for attacks by the kobolds.

The orc warrior is finally put down and then the heroes turn their attention to the remaining kobolds and taken them down as well. With the threat of the Mill being burned, Bardied wants to stay and loot but he also has a sense of duty. Harbek tells Bardied to stay and he and Linan will head for the Mill, Bardied says he will go and they head toward the mill. As they round the corner of a group of houses they see no activity going on at the mill. Harbek tells Bardied to go back and search the orc, while he and Linan will head to check to see if there is anyone at the mill.

As they approach the mill they can spot a humanoid form off to one side, a wood elf with a bow is ready to shoot anyone that is a small humanoid form. Harbek also spots several kobold bodies with arrows stuck in them close to the mill. The elf is Rolen Nightbraid, he happened to be arriving in town and decided to pick off the group of kobolds that were trying to light the mill on fire.

Bardied checks over the orc and inspects the sword with the red hue. It seems to be a tad hot to his touch. He picks it up by the handle and swings it around some and it seems to be a well balanced weapon, he takes the scabbard the orc was wearing and puts it on and puts the sword in it. He also gather several gold coins they orc had and join the others at the mill.

They wait for another 15-20 minutes until some people arrive to protect the mill. Inspecting the area to make sure that no one approaches and picking off the odd kobold in the process.

Our heroes head back to the keep to speak to the lord of the manor when they her bells ringing from the chapel. It sounds like someone is in trouble as the approach the chapel they can see three groups surround the structure. A group of kobolds at the front door with a battering room and a cultist leader directing them to bash the front door.


Battering Ram

There is a group of three kobolds at the back piling straw to the back door with a cultist leader as well. They are planning on setting the straw on fire in hopes of smoking out the townsfolk keeping refuge in the temple.

There is another group of two kobolds on wolf like creature that are riding around the chapel, they are hooting and hollering and flinging stones into the building through the stain glassed windows.

Bardied and Harbek decide to handle the group with the battering ram while sending Rolen and Linan to the back door to take care of the group that is trying to set the straw on fire.

Since the kobolds are intent on battering the door in they do not notice Bardied and Harbek approaching. Bardied itching to use that new sword he had acquired is rushing into the fray. The battle is swift and the kobolds are picked off one by one, just as the two kobolds on mounts rush in and escalates the situation further.

Bardied and Harbek deal with the two kobold riders and they go and see if Rolen and Linan need help but find some dead kobolds and a cultist but no sign of the other two. Rolen and Linan have decided to help the others but went around the other way to assist them.

With the chapel protect, they go to the door and assure those inside they have come to help. A cleric steps out and sees our battered and bruised heroes and cast a cure light wounds on them to heal them up some.

Our heroes decide to head back to the keep.

-end of session-







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