The Sky Goes Clank (Session 14)

A 2nd Edition Gamma World Tale

Cast of Characters:
Wyke, Pure Strain Human (Chris)
Kamanda Koroma, Mutated Humanoid (Steve)
Avagadro, Mutated Animal – Mole (Ed)
Brenda FourOneOne, Android – NPC
Mak Coye, Sleeth (NPC)

*Game Note: Session from Monday January, 1st , 2018

After a long rest, Kamanda, Wyke, Avagadro, Mak and Brenda decide to go through each level to see if they haven’t overlooked anything that might hide an overlooked beastie, or a hidden room deemed important with more secrets to unlock. Kamanda wants to make sure there are no other breeches in this “base” since they might want to make this a home for them.

Avagadro doesn’t know what he wants to do now, since he’s not much of a stay in one place kind of fellow and his only purpose in life is to explore. But, he decides to stick around because there’s another area in the base but the passage is blocked and he presume warded by the blood symbol on the floor.

Wyke wants to check up on his friend Abrum, so they decide too head up to the first level where the medical bay is.  Abrum had been placed there under the watchful eye of Helen Oneohone.


As the doors open they see Helen standing in the room, but no sign of Abrum. She tells them that he awoke from his coma two days ago and got restless. She told him that his friends would be back for him but he said he would go and see if he could find them.

So they go on an extensive search for Abrum but he is no where to be found on this level. But Kamanda while doing so double checks a few items to keep inventory of what is where and how much of it. Like power cells, batteries, and other items that will be useful in the long haul once they get this base full operational.

They go back down to the second level just on the chance that Abrum might be in that area and they are just missing him as they are searching. Kamanda wants to check in the cryogenic chamber and check on the sleeping fellow in there.

clank16 1

Brenda FourOneOne stays out of the room as the rest enters. Kamanda and Mak going over the records to find the name of this Pure Strain Human is an ancient in a “deep sleep”. The ancient is named Dillon Hunte.

There is no other records in here, and the other chambers have been emptied for a while. There is no quarantined on Dillon and there is no “release” date as well. Maybe, it was an oversight. Kamanda wants to know what happened to the other sleepers, and where they might be but the records of who they are cannot be found.

Kamanda says they will get back to this ancient later but they have other matters to check into. Mak offers to stay behind and read up on the chambers, it’s very rare to discover ancient technology, and an ancient human along with that as well. Mak wants to learn more about this technology and asks if he can stay here and study. Kamanda, Wyke, and Avagadro agree and they continue re-exploring the base once again.

Kamanda satisfied that the base is secured asks the others if they want to follow the original tunnel that lead them here to see where it goes off too? Wyke and Avagadro are in agreement so they begin heading back upstairs.

As they head to the original entrance they encounter an Obb, a mutated fungus bat-like creature, which drops from the rafters and attacks, blasting radiation from it’s eyes. The Obb is dealt with quickly as Wyke is getting used to his new armour . Kamanda says this is the reason why they had to go through the base once again.


Kamanda doesn’t want any more incidents like that happening, so he has a sentry posted at the front entrance as they go explore the tunnel.  And with the sentry gun in place our heroes take off down the tunnel. They travel a few kilometers when they spot a huge group of Badder’s approaching.

clank16 2

Wyke steps forward and unleashes a random grenade from his armour, it turns out to be a torc grenade and the badder’s disappear in a 15 meter radius. Which sort of quickly solves that dilemma. Avagadro warns him that he better not drop one at there feet and Kamanda acknowledges that as well.


Our heroes press on.

They round a corner and follow it up a fare bit, Kamanda warning Wyke that his power armour can only last so long before it needs to be recharged.

They head up the tunnel and discover a shaft leading to the surface. Avagadro scampers up to see where it leads. As he makes his way up he can feel a cool breeze and also the night sky over head.

Slowing his ascent he thinks he hears movement about, as he peers out of the shaft he can see several dog-like beasts wandering past. They are Arks and it looks like they are searching for something or someone. Avogadro decides to descend and inform the others about the Ark patrolling the area above.

Kamanda wants to have a look for himself and climbs up, he notices the Arks are inspecting the vehicles and he gives a glance around to see what else is around. There is a stone building beside him, several rusted out relics that are parked in a row.


He also descends and they come up with a plan of action. Wake and Brenda will stay behind to guard the shaft in case the Arks find the shaft and come down to do some exploring. Kamanda and Avogadro will continue following the tunnel for a few more clicks to see where it ends up.

The tunnel ends up at another platform with the tunnel branching off in another direction. As they approach they can see some lights being activated and see that there is a cave in where the tunnel branches off.


Checking around the platform and the rubble they find nothing of interest. But there is a door to the south and it looks like to be activated the same as the base they just left.

Kamanda waves his card at it and it activates by scanning and then unlocking the door mechanism. As it slides open they spot a huge Attercop at the door.

Kamanda and Avogadro are not surprised but it was something they didn’t expect to see at the door. It’s battle time and the attercop didn’t even know what hit him, though it skin releases an electrical discharge when hit.


As they enter the room they are greeted by two active sentry bots that scan them, Kamanda immediately goes over to Avogadro and picks him up, while flashing one of the cards that he has been using. Avogadro shows his discomfort about being picked up and being treated like an “animal” but feels it’s for the greater good.

The sentry bot scans the card and both of them and registers Kamanda and his pet, Avagadro.  The sentry bots stand down, Kamanda places Avagadro down and asks him if there is any “thoughts” else in this area. He senses a few and they go and check, this time with caution.

That’s when they bump into two Serfs who are coming to check the main door and a scuffle breaks out. The Serfs using their mutation to inflict damage before getting physical altercation but Avagadro and Kamanda are slashing and biting at the Serfs and take them down as quick and quietly as possible.


With Avagadro being wounded. They decide to take a rest before exploring more of this new complex.

to be continued.

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