Well… now.

Last night’s session of Gamma World didn’t go according to what I thought that the players were going to explore next. It really through me off when they went “east” instead of going “west” and it put me in a little scramble to built it up as we went along, from my old notes and with the bunker tiles that I had it was a slow process but in the end it was accomplished.

The Sky Goes Clank is an old “house & home” exploration “dungeon” with crazy and random encounters in various rooms that probably doesn’t make a lick of sense but there it is.  Like Serfs in one room meanwhile some Hoops in another and there is no interaction what so ever happening.

A very old school adventure in a brave new world.

I only did a few minor tweaks when I put it up on Roll20 but the whole enchilada is there, also the tv shows and movies that influenced me while I was drafting up the scenario back in the mid-80’s.  As a game master it’s cringeworthy at times but the game goes on and I think my players are having a blast with it.

Well, at least experience how an old school game master was like back in the glory days when some gaming were banned.


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Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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