The Sky Goes Clank (Session 14 – Part Deux)

A 2nd Edition Gamma World Tale

Cast of Characters:
Wyke, Pure Strain Human (Chris)
Kamanda Koroma, Mutated Humanoid (Steve)
Avagadro, Mutated Animal – Mole (Ed)
Brenda FourOneOne, Android – NPC
and introducing:
Dandini, The Lil (NPC)

*Game Note: Session from Saturday, January 6th, 2018

When we last left off, Avagadro and Kamanda were exploring an underground outpost while Wyke and Brenda FourOneOne were guarding another entrance they found while exploring the tunnel. With Arks near the shaft that leads to this tunnel they thought it was best to have someone stand guard just in case the Arks discovered it and happen to want to explore as well.

Kamanda and Avagadro went on ahead and discovered an “outpost” and began to explore when Avagadro got wounded and they decided to wait it out. But curiosity got he best of Kamanda and he just wanted to do a quick scan of the remaining rooms. While Avagadro slept.

There was a room entrance way covered with cobwebs and Kamanda was leery to enter, so he called over one of the sentry bots to crawl and told it to walk 10 meters into the room.  The sentry bot broke through the cobwebs reveal a huge room with vegetation in it and as the sentry bot strolled through what looked like a pumpkin patch it exploded.


Kamanda called over the other sentry bot and command it to patrol along the walk way and as it did just that it also went boom when a pumpkin landed on it. This time Kamanda noticed that the roots of the tree had moved as well. So he sets up a repulsive field around the tree and then he went in to explore.

Since the tree was in the repulsion field it dropped a pumpkin onto itself and it too went boom activating more pumpkins to explode. Kamanda explores the green house and finds a lot more vegetation but nothing harmful. He leaves the room and seals the door shut behind him…. just in case.

Heading to the room to the south he approaches the door and activates it and thats when he spot a little glowing ball of light in the room. Upon closer inspection it is a Lil who is frightened and proceeds to hide. Kamanda calls out to the small creature, the Lil begs for his life saying that he just happened to wander in here by accident, when he discovered a vent above the ground and wanted to see where it went.


The Lil introduces himself as Dandini and asks if the two mechanical spiders are still around since they shot up the room pretty good. Kamanda tells him that the spiders are no longer a problem which Dandini breathes a sigh of relief.

Kamanda asks Dandini where exactly did he come into this room and Dandini flies to the adjoing room to show him. It’s a shower area and he points to the roof to where the vent is and also tells Kamanda not to go into the corner since the mold is moving there.


Kamanda uses his mutation to burn the mold away before stepping into the room and exploring the area.

The area is indeed in pretty rough shape due to the vent being open and years of rain and mother nature trying to claim the abandoned room as heres once again.

Kamanda seals up the door to this room and him and Dandini do a quick once over of the rooms once again. Kamanda doesn’t want any more surprises.

They find a lounge area and this is where after he does a thorough search of the rooms that he finds a white card which is like the other cards they have collected along the way. Kamanda satisfied that this outpost is cleared, gathers Avagadro and along with Dandini head back to join the others.





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