A Book Published Over 100 Years Ago

Week Three of the 2018 Ultimate Reading Challenge continues with this particular challenge of finding a book published over 100 years ago So, it was either find an actual book that was published over 100 years ago, or a story that was book that was published in that time period.

So, I have decided to read a story that was published back in the mid 1800’s.  A classic tale by Lewis Caroll called Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

It’s a fantasy novel that was first published back in 1865 and it’s still a fascinating read as well, since the last time I think I read this book was when Cartoons were just a Saturday morning thing.

I have picked up the Signet Classic reprint with the original illustrations by John Tenniel.



I’m sure you are all familiar with the tale, even if you haven’t read the book you’ve seen movies and shows that were made from it. It’s a tale of a girl named Alice who follows a talking rabbit to his lair and then she falls down a rabbit hole and into a fantasy world filled with humanoid creatures, animated objects and a nonsensical landscape that Alice is trying to figure out how to get out of.

It’s a story that to this very tale has us fascinated with and it’s still influential to this very day. With movies, tv shows picking it up and using the story for their own characters as well. With Disney putting out a movie adaption a few years back and more recently it’s sequel, the appeal of this story will continue to be told over and over again.

Since I haven’t read this in a long while, I find it really pleasing to be unlocking passages that I have forgotten and delighted to breath new life into old characters with the theatre of the mind’s eye.

So this week I’m in for one heck of a literary ride!


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