Alice’s Adventure In Wonderland

This was the book I had chosen as my third week assignment of “A Book Published Over a 100 Years Ago” and it was an excellent re-read. Though, I did get a copy of the book that someone had made notes all throughout it, so it was good to see someone’s else insight on the novel at hand.

alice reading

The book I had a lot of notes on the sidelines, highlighted area and a few personal insights of the person who had it last. It got me thinking that maybe this was someone’s school book at one time and had written an exposition on the tale itself.

Like I said before it was good reading in how another person viewed the novel as well, so in a theory i was getting two stories for the price of one.  I could understand how they thought what they did with the passages, and what the hell they where thinking when they wrote another one.

It got me thinking of people interpret books and movies and even television as their minds see things that are there or react to subtle nuisances in the narrative. An old college professor once said there are many ways of looking at the same thing. To you a coin on the sidewalk is just a coin on the sidewalk, but how it got there is up to the imagination of the person who spotted it; a hole in a pocket, someone digging out there car keys and the coin fell out, a kid on it’s way to the store and manage to drop it…. the stories are endless.

So this weeks challenge didn’t just have me read an old book, it opened up another avenue of thought in the process.


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