I had to turn down an offer to join in a game this afternoon since this evening is my regularly scheduled Game Night. Since I had two new players joining the table it would be nice to have a full table of gamers once again.

Since I spent some time this afternoon prepping for tonight’s session, I cranked up the tunes and had my Medieval Mix playlist playing in the background for atmosphere. Due to the fact that onight we continued on with the Tyranny of Dragons campaign.

After prepping for that I did a little more writing on my “Snowed In” scenario for February’s Game Night event as well, since this time around I’m running a 5th lvl level with several pre-generated charters from the WOTC website. Since they have all that a player should know about their character, what they use and the spells listed (for the spell-using crowd).

26805268_10155054592941990_3628468141042914739_nWith players arriving around six this evening, a couple new players were a little late arriving and they had to have some characters rolled up which took an hour off actual play time.  Character generation is a long process, and I do miss the templates that the third edition offered for players to pick and build upon.

I was willing to play til about ten or even eleven this evening as well since this part of the adventure is heating up some and needs to be told in a rapid-fire pace, but it was called shortly after nine due to someone having work in the morning.

But, oh well beggars can’t be choosers as they say.

I’ll blog up the next session later on tomorrow so stay tuned good folks.





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Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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