Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Raider’s Camp (II)

A Tyranny of Dragons  5e Campaign
Game Session: Jan  20th 2018

Cast of Characters:
Taliesin, a wood elf druid (Nathan)
Bardied Rein, a human fighter (Ken)
Harbek Dankil, a dwarf barbarian (Darryl)
Linan Swift, a human warrior (NPC)
Rolen Nightbraid, an elf ranger (NPC)
and introducing
Sheng Long, a dragonborn Monk (Kyle)

Taliesin had been chatting with a few people when he realizes his companions took off without him. He inquires to where they had went and is told they had gone off to save the mill. So he begins to head over in that area. Along the way he bumps into Sheng Long, figuring him to be part of the raiders Taliesin draws his scimitar.

Taliesin tells him that he is only a traveler that just arrived in town only hours before the raiders attacked. Taliesin is reluctant to trust anyone at the moment, but Sheng Long says that he is a monk from the mountains and had come to town to talk with Leosin Erlanthar. Taliesin knows that Bardied is friends with Leosin.  He tells Sheng that one of the reasons they are in town was Leosin sent a letter to Bardied asking for his assistance.

When they arrive at the mill they find some kobolds dead but no sign of anyone else. Though as they search the area, Taliesin can hear the ringing of the chapel bells across the way and he presumes that Bardied and Harbek went there to see as well.  So Taliesin and Sheng head to the bells and by the time they arrive there they see people standing around bodies of dead “dog-like” beasts which Sheng knows them to be Ambush Drakes. They ask what happened and are told of a human warrior, a dwarf male in a dress, a warrior woman and an elf came in and kicked some butt and then left to head to the Keep.

Upon arriving at the keep, they see Governor Nighthill and several townsfolk in the field and approach. A moment of panic strikes the crowd as they see Sheng approaching but the young monk, Nesim Waladra, calms everyone down saying that Sheng is a fellow monk and a friend of Leosin as well.

Nighthill tells Taliesin that his friends had left to track where the raiders had come from and points in the direction they went off too. Nighthill also calls forth a steward and hands both Taliesin and Sheng two potions of healing as well. And the two follow the trail out of town which isn’t hard to find at all.

They follow the trail and discover that the trail has come to a hollow rocky plateau. As they approach they can see where the tracks takes them to a small group of huts. Not noticing the tower to the north they walk in like they know what they are doing (and it saves them as well since the guards in the tower spots them and see that Sheng is a dragonborn they figured he was a mercenary joining the forces).

Taliesin and Sheng arrive at the first campsite of the kobolds and do a quick check to find a bunch of kobold bodies piled in a hut. They see that the tracks head off to another campsite and they head there just in town to see Bardied pick up a scabbard off the ground and draw the longsword to inspect it.

Bardied after admiring his new acquisition notices two forms approaching towards them and sees one to be a huge humanoid shape alerts the others, but then he sees Taliesin with the dragonborn emerge from the shadows into the light of the bonfire. After a brief introduction and shaking of hands and everyone getting caught up. Bardied, Harbek, Linan and Rolen think that going around the edge of the hollow plateau is the best plan of action and are heading towards the next encampment.

As they head to a large brush area they are surprised to see two Orc Mercenaries standing off to one side, they are alerted to the party’s presence but they see Sheng and they wave. Sheng approaches them with his head up to wave and the Orcs nod their heads but that’s when Bardied and Harbek snap in for a sneak attack to the shock of Sheng and to the surprise of Taliesin who just pulls a Homer and fades into the brush. Harbek decides it’s time to rage and so he rage’s hard.

In the battle an orc lets out a battle cry which alerts the camp the party was heading two, and our heroes know that trouble is about to be stirred. As one Orc mercenary is put down Taliesin reaches out from the brush and drags the body in, a small hedgehog pops out of his burrow and looks at the druid and inquires whats going on. Taliesin says they are looking for a captive friend, the hedgehog tells them that they keep all prisoners to the “north”.

As Harbek and Bardied fight the remaining orc mercenary, Sheng decides to stroll around the fight and go towards the camp they where heading and maybe seeing if Leosin is being held there. He begins walking and Taliesin emerges from the brush and tells Sheng that he knows where Leosin is.


Once the orc is down, Bardied and Harbek along with Rolen and Linan look around and spot the other two just outside the camp and head over to them. But, the alert of the orc has stirred the others; a kobold champion steps out from a tent, as well as four human mercenaries from another to see what the heck is all the commotion is about.

Bardied now in full soldier mode decides to go all gung-ho and charges at the kobold champion as he let’s out a battle cry. Since Harbek is raged as well decides to follow suit and two heroes go running full tilt at the champion. Rolen and Linan decide to engage the four human mercenaries as Taliesin tells Sheng that they should head “north” they would get to free Leosin and maybe they can get out of here while the getting is good.

They begin to walk north and towards and they see on a higher level a better looking campsite. Taliesin decides to tie his hands together, while Sheng grabs the other end of the rope to make it look like he’s bringing him to the “stockade”.


As they walk past a campsite with a half-dragon and several mercenaries around, Sheng decides to stick to the shadows but the half-dragon glances in their direction she sniffs the air and then gazes at him.

In a very firm and husky voice she asks Sheng where he is taking that “human”. He says to the stockade, she tells him to place him with the other prisoners. Taliesin speaks up and says that he is an important prisoner and that’s when the half-dragon woman approaches them with the mercenaries falling in behind her.

Sheng knows that they are definitely out numbered and out matched and mutters under his breath to Taliesin to watch what he says.

While across the hollow Bardied and Harbek are going toe to toe against this kobold champion and it’s one heck of a vicious battle. Linan and Rolen handle the four human mercenaries but at a cost though. Rolen receives a critical wound to the throat and his blood spills from his body, but just before he dies he does one dying actin and tackles two of the mercenaries and drags them into the bonfire with him.

Bardied and Harbek manage to finally defeat the small champion to turn around and see Linan put a coup de tat on a fallen mercenary. They do not see Rolen and figures he’s been doing a range attack.

Meanwhile back to the other side of the hollow, the half-dragon woman approaches Sheng and sees that he is indeed a dragonborn and that Taliesin is tied as well. She sniffs the air and asks Sheng that she hasn’t seen his face around here before, Sheng tells her that he is new and has come to join and captured this human scum in the process. Taliesin tries to charm the half-dragon with some words but the half-dragon warrior is having none of that.

She points in the direction where the prisoners are kept and tells Sheng to keep him there for now. Sheng obeys and heads off in the direction, Taliesin suggest maybe they should go around but Sheng says no this half-dragon woman seems to be one of the leaders in charge of this band of raiders.

Just then a horn and sounded from within the hollow echoing about the walls and alerting everyone there that there be intruders here…

… to be continued…






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