The Hangry Man

An Atomic Highway RPG Example
Game Session: Jan  21st 2018

GM NOTE: It wasn’t a session just a little discussion about Atomic Highway and the game mechanics and figured the best example to learn a system is to play a quick example of combat and skill usage.

Cast of Characters:
Jagger Swagger, a sentinel lone-wolf (John)

Jagger is cruisin’ down the Highway of The Seven Teens he’s on his way to Hoop’s Bar and Grill to load up on some petrol and maybe grab a bite to eat as well. Sitting in the passenger seat, right next to a crossbow is a cat he named “Ms. Teri”.

Hoops is a fortified place that is well manned and heavily armed, if you come in peace then your welcome and if you are looking for trouble; death might be the answer you received.  It’s also a great place to trade stuff, get your vehicle repaired or even get some gear added to it with the help of ace grease monkey, Felix Bender, who resides there as well.

Jagger spots movement from the hills and sees three motorcycles coming down the hill towards the highways; bandits. He puts the pedal to the metal and hopes to get the advantage.  He tells Ms. Teri to buckle up but she just lifts her head and then proceeds to groom her paws.

Jagger says “excuse me” as he grabs the crossbow on the passenger seat and uses it just as the first motorcycle approaches and hits the driver with the bolt. The driver of the vehicle crashes and burns and leaving only two more bandits to deal with.  After using the crossbow he places it on the seat beside Ms. Teri. She’s gone back to sleeping.

The chase goes on for a couple of miles before Jagger swerves and knocks one biker into a downed telephone pole and the brigand flies through the air with the greatest of ease and then lands with a smack infected with the sudden disease of death!  The third biker cuts and run since two of his buddies are now road kill and maybe he can scavenge off their bodies instead of the car.

He’s just cleared a hill when there is a huge truck parked off the side of the road, a lovely young lady is trying to wave him over but he just blows right past her. He ain’t got no time to stop, he’s looking forward to Hoop’s Hungry Hippo’s Breakfast platter! The young lady jumps into the truck and proceeds to give chase.

Jagger clears a hill and sees what appears to be a road block up ahead, and several bodies lying on the roadway. It looks like an accident but Jagger ain’t stopping. He asks Ms. Teri what should they do next? The cat just lets out a meow.

“Of course,” he replies to the cat. “It’s obviously a trap.”

GM NOTE: John is learning the system and wants to know about the fortune points and how he can use them. So, after a quick explaination he decides to go all in and change the plot of the adventure.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 10.42.29 AM

Jagger noticing a dip in the road, hits the nitro and leaves the truck behind to eat his exhaust as he hits the dip he is airborne like the General Lee (ala Dukes of Hazards) and clears the cars blocking the highway. The tires of his vehicle leaving rubber on the roofs of the other vehicle. Jagger drops a grenade as well just to be on the safe side and then he  lands with a couple of bounces.

Makes a driving check and then continues on down the highway.

He arrives at Hoop’s Bar & Grill just in time for some breakfast.




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