A Gamma World Mini-Module Adventure
modified from the Referee Screen

Cast of Characters:
Roadhouse Reilly, a pure strain human (Chance)
Lex Blade, a mutated humanoid (Bailey)
El Hefe, a mutated parrot (Nathan)

Our story begins in the burning sands of the NuMekz Desert nearly 500 years into our future with our heroes: Roadhouse, Lex and El Hefe. The trio are following along a path of the ancients. Which happens to be a crumbling interstate lane way they had stumbled upon while looking for the fabled land of Aksarben.

Roadhouse, the defacto leader of this small group, stands over two meters tall and looks like a rugged viking. Lex is a small humanoid around 1.75 meters tall, and though she can pass as being a PSH in looks she’s definitely a mutant.  Lex is dependent on the light (or any light source), she can regenerate and has infra-vision. She also has a very cool mutation called “mental paralysis” that does come in handy in battles. El Hefe is a 1 meter tall walking talking parrot who has a fear of large groups, can manipulate light and also a foul mouth to match.

They are tired, hungry and looking for shelter to hold up for the night since the sun is sinking upon the horizon and Lex needs a campfire to keep her from freakin’ out in the dark. They scan the horizon looking for a safe haven, when Lex and El Hefe notices glints of light as the setting sun reflecting from something in the distance.

art by Tim Bisaillon

Roadhouse, Lex and El Hefe make their way to the strange structure and discovers that it is tower protruding from the sands. It’s a metallic building with clusters of unknown devices along the side of it which makes it easy too climb. There is a railing 30 meters from the said and it looks like there is a jagged two meter wide hole in the glassy material.

Roadhouse looks at El Hefe and asks him to fly up to the railing and secure a rope for them to climb. El Hefe just does that and he secures it the best he can. Roadhouse and Lex use the rope to climb up the structure with great ease. El Hefe helps them over the railing and then they proceed to enter the jagged hole in the strange structure.

As they enter the tower through the gap in the wall, they notice that the room they are entering is filled with strange devices covered with dust and sand. Roadhouse begins to marvel about it. As the sun disappears upon the horizon causing the darkness to prevail, Lex let’s out a little whimper of fear. Roadhouse hands her a candle and tells her to use it until they get a campfire going somewhere.

El Hefe notices that there’s some slithering marks in the sand in this area and he’s about to announce that when a huge metal cabinet falls over and there are two Hissers  (man-snakes) that have also discovered this structure and were exploring it as well. The Hissers are caught off guard since they were expecting to see anyone and our heroes spring into action.

Roadhouse draws a machete, Lex uses her blowgun and El Hefe hefts a mace and then they are locked in combat in the Radar tower. As combat progresses things are smashed, blades are swung, and blood has been drawn. Lex decides to use her mental paralysis on one of the Hissers and stops him in his tracks and begins to hold him steady as El Hefe decides to pour oil onto the held Hisser. Roadhouse goes mano-et-mano with the other Hisser who has pulled out a glowing dagger.

Lex continues to hold the Hisser with her mind and then El Hefe sparks a flint and lights the creature on fire. The Hisser lets out a horrified sonic blast and it effects everyone in the tower, it final dies as it is consumed by flames. El Hefe turns his attention to the other Hisser and uses his mace to engage the creature.

The other Hisser is final put down and our heroes have taken some wounds, but are otherwise still standing.  As Roadhouse drags the Hissers body towards the opening in the wall and dumping the bodies out; El Hefe and Lex have a quick look around. As Lex moves to inspect a device she sees. It’s a small cube like device that illuminates the area. She holds it up and inspects it. She feels like it was a gift from the ancients that will help her make it through the nights now.

El Hefe on the other hand finds a tube like device that looks like a musket back in the village and he seems to think the knows how they work like. As he looks at the item he discovers the trigger and it fires off a slug. The slug hits a monitor above Roadhouses’ head and it shatters. Roadhouse tells him to be careful with that thing. El Hefe tells him that he thinks this “mini-musket” would benefit the group and the village as well.

Roadhouse looks around the floor for the glowing dagger the Hisser had and with the help of Lex’s glow cube they locate it under a desk. The dagger is presume to have broken since their is no blade and Roadhouse looks at it and then he activates it and the blade magical appears. It looks like it’s made from light as well.

They go to the small room with no door and no floor but cables that lead down into the darkness. El Hefe suggests he should fly down there and see where it leads, but Roadhouse tells him that he’s to big to do so, besides he might get tangled in the cables and plummet to certain death below. They see a door and notice strange hieroglyphs on the walls which fascinates Roadhouse. El Hefe asks him if he understands them, Roadhouse shakes his head no. But the picture on the door seems to show some steps.

Roadhouse forces the door open and sees stairs going down into the darkness below and he asks Lex to shine the glow cube down and see how far it goes down.

It seems to be sixty meters down, Roadhouse figures that they are now below the dunes and the sand and it eventually opens up. He taps the metal wall with his machete and hears a dull thud. They make it down to the bottom of the stairs and see a door that is open.

Lex deactivates the glow cube to do a quick scan with her infra-vision and sees nothing before quickly activating her glow cube in a heart beat. That’s when Roadhouse notices the floors are spotless in the room. He hears a whirring sound coming towards them and he tells El Hefe to stand behind him.

A metallic humanoid shape on wheels rolls towards them. The robot rolls to a stop in front of Roadhouse and speaks in a foreign sound. Roadhouse says his name and ask the machine what is this place.  The maintenance robot then speaks to them telling them that their pet should be on a leash. Roadhouse drapes a rope around El Hefe who does take offense. But, the maintenance robot goes on it’s way cleaning the floors and the windows.

They see now that they are in a huge chamber, since Lex’s glow cube shows them to be in a huge concourse  with a domed ceiling and the walls decorated with colorful mosaics and painted designs. Located outside the walls are huge windows and they see that there is sand packed beyond them. There’s benches and what appears to be backpacks and travel boxes scattered about as well.  As Roadhouse studies the walls and marvels about the art in here, El Hefe searches a backpack and some travel boxes and finds them to have strange tunics. He also discovers a small container with 15 square like shapes and he decides to pop one in his mouth. It tastes like plastic. Lex laughs at him as he spits it out.

In one of the cases he find more tunics and a small case with a red plus symbol on it, he opens it up to find ten 10 centimeter tubes secured in it as well as scissors, bandages and and a circular device with several buttons on it. He’s intrigued but he puts them away.

Roadhouse notices lines on the floor and he tells them that they must be trail markers for the ancients in this citadel and they fellow a blue line that leads into a huge room with several counters, chairs, and luggage scattered about. They see that one section of the window has collapse spilling sand into the huge chamber. As they begin to explore the vast chamber they see movement in the sand and a Sep emerges!

A Sep (a land-shark) attacks and it chomps Roadhouse good! El Hefe uses the tiny musket and fires and grazes Roadhouse with the slug before the bullet hits the beast. Roadhouse is not having a good time and shouts his displeasure at being hit by a “mechanical insect”. Lex uses her paralysis and holds the beast in place as the heroes hack at it and finally puts the Sep down.

Roadhouse collapses onto a bench as he has taken a severe wound, and El Hefe apologizes to him for hitting him with a slug. They decide to bed down for the night and tend to their wounds, Lex gathering up some paper and kindling to start a fire in the terminal.

… and this is where our session end…





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