Hoard Of The Dragon Queen – Raider’s Camp (III)

A Tyranny of Dragons  5e Campaign
Game Session: Feb 3rd 2018

Cast of Characters:
Taliesin, a wood elf druid (Nathan) – Away
Bardied Rein, a human fighter (Ken)
Harbek Dankil, a dwarf barbarian (Darryl)
Linan Swift, a human warrior (NPC)
Sheng Long, a dragonborn Monk (Kyle)
Lander Lakeman, a human wizard (Chance)
Steif Panto, a human fighter (Geoff)

A horn wails, it sound echoes in the hollow. The raider’s camp is now alerted to the presence of intruders within. The begin to see movement in the other camps and it doesn’t bode to well for our heroes.

Hearing that the alarm had sounded, Bardied, Harbek and Linan know they are going to be in a world of trouble shortly. Sheng and Taliesin had disappeared into the shadows. Bardied seems to recall Sheng saying something about an area where the prisoners are kept, Harbek mentions they’ll find it when they’ll get there. As they search the area to see if they can find any useful items, potions, weapons, and maybe a place to hold up for a bit so they can catch their breath.

That’s when they notice two human figures approaching from the shadows and heading towards them; Bardied is cautious since they seem to be approaching cautiously and from the direction they had been thrashing threw. Linan recognize them from Greenest. She thinks one is a scholar and the other is his bodyguard. Bardied calls to them.

Lander and Steif step forward and tell them them they were in Greenest and have come to help those who went after the raiders. They believe there is strength in numbers. Lander introduces himself to the others, stating that he has come to assist them.

Sheng Long and Taliesin approach from the shadows shortly after and Lander seeing the dragonborn with a prisoner proceeds to draw weapon but Bardied intervenes and tells him he is part of the group. Sheng had gotten lost in the hollow and had returned back to the party. Sheng tells them that they know where Leosin is kept and they should get to him and get out while the getting is good.

Their brief rest is interrupted when a group of 8 orc mercenaries arrive along with a kobold warlord as well! The orcs release javelins and it rains down upon our party, Bardied is hit with one and he’s not to pleased at all. Having been wounded, he doesn’t know if he’ll survive the night but he’s going to fight until he cannot fight no longer.

Bardied and Harbek see the approaching mercenaries, and Bardied just lets out a war cry as he goes running pell mell towards the mercenary group. Harbek goes into a rage as well and takes off after him. Linan shrugs at Lander and Steif and says “Well, if you are going to go, might as well go out in a blaze of glory!”

The kobold warlord takes out a bottle with a long wick and lights it. He tosses it at the party but it lands on the grass and doesn’t break. Sheng runs to the bottle and picks it up and tosses it back toward the group of orcs, but in the process he hits Bardied with it. The bottle smashes and now Bardied is covered in oil and is in flames.

Steif looks over at the dragonborn Sheng in disbelief. Did he deliberately through the flaming vial at Bardied? Sheng shrugs and says the bottle is slippery and it must of misjudged his throwing distance. The battle with the orc mercenaries is swift in brutal; Bardied stops drops and rolls trying to put out the fire and the orc on him is trying to stab him as well. Harbek is in full barbarian rage and he dances in battle as his kilt twirls and swirls with the motion of his body. Linan sticks close to Bardied attempting to distract the orcs that are trying to hit the prone Bardied.

Steif and Lander join the group in tackling the orc mercenaries. Taliesin stands back he’s weighing his options. But Sheng intercepts one of the orcs who rushes in and Sheng goes mano-et-mano against one Orc. With his fists of fury and moving around like a fine oiled machine the Orc didn’t even know what hit him.

Once this orc band is down and our heroes do a quick search, Bardied finds a potion on one of the orcs and chugs it down. He hoped it was a healing potion and it’s a good thing it was and his wounds heal a little. Sheng and Taliesin says they will see if Leosin is in the tent area. They discuss what they should do next, Harbek argues they should continue on their route and hit each small campsite as they come to it. Sheng says they lost the element of surprise because of the alarm had been sounded. Lander says it won’t matter what they do because trouble is coming.

When they look over at the next campsite and see over a dozen orc mercenaries scramble out of their huts they know it’s a do or die situation. Bardied tells Sheng to get to Leosin and they will cause a distraction. Bardied screams out and charges toward the huge band of orcs, he’s hooting and hollering as he runs. Harbek joins him, Linan, Lander and Steif follow suit and Sheng and Taliesin head toward the tent.

It’s a battle of epic proportions and last a few rounds as our heroes, Lander casts a sleep spell at a group of Orcs and taking them out of the equation. The remaining Orc warriors fight and take as well as they receive.

Sheng and Taliesin approach to were the prisoners a kept and spot Cyanwrath wandering about. He’s dressed and prepared for battle and sees Sheng and Taliesin and approaches them, he asks him what he is doing and Sheng tells him that he had caught one of the intruders and was told to put him with the other prisoner. Sheng also tells him that there is a group across the field there and the mercenaries need help. Cyanwrath thanks him for the tip and he heads off toward to join battle.


Tyranny of Dragons – D&D campaign. Cyanwrath

Lander is taking care of the Orcs he had put to sleep while the others are locked in combat. And as the last orc hits the group there is no time for a quick breath since Cyanwrath approaches and Harbek recognize the half-dragon from the battlefield in Greenest and goes full rage.

Sheng and Taliesin arrive at the prisoner’s den and spots three cultist guarding Leosin. Shang approaches the cultist and tells them that Cyanwrath needs their help. There are intruders close by that are trying to get to the prisoners and he needs their assistance. Sheng says he’s been charged with keeping an eye on them. The cultist go running off towards the battle.

Leosin is tied to a cross and Sheng tells them they are here to free him.

The battle across the hollow is epic as Cyanwrath and Harbek in one helluva Royal Rumble. Though, Harbek is being assisted by his companions and it looks like they can’t seem to damage the hulking half-dragon. Also, Cyanwrath is having trouble hitting the dwarf barbarian as well, but in the end the half-dragon is finally bested.

As Cyanwrath drops to the ground he releases the sword he had. Bardied makes a grab for it but his skin is burnt in the process. It slips from his fingers and hits the ground.

Lander spots the cultist approaching and warns the others, though the cultist have stopped and then they turn off and flee after being Cyanwrath on the ground and bleeding out. They fade into the shadows.

Harbek grabs a shield and he picks up the sword Cyanwrath drop and puts it in a sheath. Lander takes it from him and begins to wrap it up in cloth as well and says he’ll have to find something out about it later. Bardied asks Lander if he can determine the magic capabilities of items and Lander says he can try. But first he needs a safe haven to before he decides to do so.

They head across the hollow to the area where Sheng said the prisoners where held.

They arrive and find Sheng, Taliesin and a very wounded Leosin.  Leosin tells them they need to get out of her quickly. Harbek wants to continue onwards but Leosin assures them that they are in a world of hurt if they do so.

Our heroes decide to head back to Greenest for some rest and maybe heal up a bit as well.

… fini…






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