Dead Men Tell No Tales

When Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales hit the silver screen I wasn’t too impressed with it and felt that the franchise was just a shadow of itself and going through the motions. It’s not until I caught the flick on Netflix and gave it another viewing and I began to appreciate the movie even more.

The introduction of two new characters and a stunning revelation towards the end of the film really re-think my original thoughts of the movie. I really enjoyed the story, the action and the underlying plot of hunting for “Poseidon’s Trident”. Javier Bardem’s performance of the Spanish pirate hunter was in fact a haunted one. And, Geoffrey Rushes was back and badder than ever as Captain Barbossa.

At first I thought Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow was “phoned” in. But, understanding the mythology of the series and somehow Jack had lost his mojo as well as his precious Black Pearl made him a secondary character. I guess this was on par with the first film when he was really was background to the action going on around him.

Overall, I was impressed with the movie and it was good to see Will and Elizabeth’s cameos as well as another of Jack’s uncles, this time played by Paul McCartney!


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