Game Night

febgame night

February 7th was a scheduled Game Night event over at the Meraki Collective building, in Smiths Falls. The event being hosted by a friend of mine, Ken.

This was his 3rd evening in three months of running a gathering for gamers. Be it miniatures, board games, role-playing, or cards a place where you can hang out, sip coffee and then kick each other’s butts in the various activities that are going on.

Ken had an idea of running a game night event once a month, on the second or third Wednesday of the month and it’s a pretty neat idea to be doing so.He decided to have it on the first Monday of the month since he didn’t want to compete with Valentine’s Day, aw what a romantic that fellow is.

I too had thought about doing something like an evening of games but never really had the nerve, nor the money, to put towards it. So, I was glad that someone else had the same idea.

I arrived around 6:30 being a little later then usual due to the weather. Since I had a couple of responses on my Facebook event page of the adventure. I hoped they would be there to play. As I entered the hall I saw a couple of lads over at the Warhammer 40k table and they were setting up there armies.  I must say that the battlefield and their mini’s looked pretty damn good.

FEB Game Night

I never got into the miniature wargaming, since I was introduced to role playing games first and preferred the theatre of the mind’s eye to visual stimuli. Though, I stood around a bit and admired the setting that the fellows had lain out on the table and placing their troops about.

I then went over to my table and placed my bag down before I got myself a coffee before setting up shop. I had written up an adventure called “Snowed In”.  The first draft was basically inspired by the movie “The Hateful Eight” but with Frost Giants and Winter Wolves.  Then the scenario changed and mutated a little from that point on.

I dusted off an old kingdom map that I had and redrawn it on Inkarnate. It’s a very cool mapping program on line and it gives such a professional look to it. I had my dice, books, and pre-generated characters to go. Now, all I needed was player.

The waiting game is a strange game since all you do is wait, and I had a feeling that due to the severe weather we were having that the attendance would be pretty low. I wandered back over to the Warhammer 40k table to watch as the two squads battled it out for a bit before I wandered over to the table where there were several board games were waiting to be played.

james clavell's whirlwird

That’s when I spotted James Clavell’s Whirlwind. It’s a board game based on the novel of the same name by James Clavell. Like the tag line says it’s ‘The family game of adventure in Iran during the final days of the Shah”. Each player is a mercenary helicopter pilot getting paid a fat fee for missions of transporting items, troops, dignitary, etc.,

I only played a couple of games during the mid-80’s and from what I recalled it was a fun game, but lengthy in process you need about a good 2.5-3 hours to do so. Since there is a lot of wheeling and dealing and it’s a good to have more than just two players to give it more of an edge. I also picked up the novel to read since it was an intriguing premise.

I was tempted to give the game a go, but time was sort of out of the essence and I filed it away for another day. It was a little after 8 and I had decided to pick it in for the evening and head home.


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