Hoard of the Dragon Queen – The Dragon Hatchery (II)

A Tyranny of Dragons  5e Campaign
Game Session: Feb 17th 2018

Cast of Characters:
Bardied Rein, a human fighter (Ken)
Harbek Dankil, a dwarf barbarian (Darryl)
Linan Swift, a human warrior (NPC)
Sheng Long, a dragonborn Monk (Kyle) – Away
Lander Lakeman, a human wizard (Chance)
Taliesin, a wood elf druid (Nathan)

GM NOTE: Here be spoilers for those who haven’t played the Tyranny of Dragons campaign.

Harbek and Lander begin looking around the room and discover that it’s a cold storage area. They assume that this chamber is where the denizens of this place store the meat due to the natural cold. Bardied searches the body of the fallen “butcher” and notices that it had been chained to the wall. Sheng studies the furs and pelts that are hanging as well and is sadden to see many furs of woodland creatures here.

After several minutes of seeing what is edible and what is rotted, our party decides their next course of action. They are alerted by someone coming down the stairs and prepare for battle but it’s Taliesin who finally caught up to them. Taliesin had finished what he was doing in Greenest and decided to see if the group needed his assistance. Lander asks him about the hollow and entrance and Taliesin informs him the hollow is now empty and there are several wagons being loaded outside.

Taliesin used his Druid ability to shape change and sneak past the sentries at the mouth of the cave and proceeded to track the party by their scent.

As our heroes discuss their next course of action, Lander hears some movement coming down the stairs and sees a small group of kobolds coming down. Our heroes prepare for battle as they wait for the kobolds to enter, but the kobolds have stopped halfway down the stairs. Lander does a peek to see what they are doing and as he does a flaming Molotov cocktail hits him and smashes and he is covered in flames. Lander stops drops and rolls and Bardied and Sheng grabs some furs and attempts to put him out.

Harbek and Linan go running up the stairs to confront the kobolds before they throw another cocktail into the chamber. They have a scuffle in the stairway with the kobolds having the hire ground. Lander recovers quickly from the flames and looks up the passage and toss sand up the way and causes several of the kobolds to sleep. Linan and Harbek are in the process of making sure the kobolds don’t wake up from their nap time and that’s when Harbek hears something being rolled to the top of the stairs and see a huge barrel that has been tipped on it’s side and a flaming wick attached to it.

It is pushed down the stairs and rolls, Linan and Harbek flee back down the stairs as the barrel comes rolling down. Harbek though is smashed by it as Linan manages to dive out of harms way. Lander and Harbek notice a flaming wick at one end; Harbek grabs for it just as Lander casts a ray of frost to put out the wick and hitting Harbek as well. The flame is definitely out and Harbek’s fingers are slightly frost bitten. He’s in pretty bad shape and needs some healing.

Bardied and Linan go running up the stairs and Lander follow suit as Harbek asks Taliesin if he could heal him since he’s badly wounded. On the top of the stairs is a couple of kobolds and a kobold warlord riding a ambush drake. The kobold warlord dismounts and draws a sword from a sheath. Lander fires off a few magic missiles at the warlord. Bardied charges at the warlord and they get into a huge mano-et-mano sword fight. Bardied is hit with the sword twice and each cut is a deep wound which continues to bleed.

The kobolds are put down but the warlord is a battle and a half and is finally dealt with. Bardied is weak from the blood loss and Linan bandages him up to stanch the blood flow, while Lander takes precaution with the sword and wraps it up as Harbek and Taliesin make their way up. The ambush drake fades into the shadows down a corridor.  Lander signals to the others to hold still, as he sees a huge form walking up a passage; it’s Cyanwrath. Since everyone is not up to fighting form, they retreat back down to the meat locker and hope the smell of the meat hides their scent which is does.

Our heroes hold up here for a bit. Catching their breath and tending to their wounds, Bardied sees that two of his wounds don’t fully healed. Lander tells him it might be from the sword the warlord was using. After a good rest they are ready to continue on.


Dragon Hatchery Of Doom.

The make it up to the platform, they decide to bring up the barrel and place it in the corner next to the northern passage. Lander asks to put the wick back in the barrel because he thinks it might come in handy. Deciding what to do next they see a pit with a lot of trash into it, Bardied decides to drop into the pit and have a look around since he sees a lot of stuff that have been thrown into this pit. He searches around and finds a discarded purse with 22 gold coins in it.

Lander spots something slithering in the refuse. It looks like a snake and he warns Bardied. Bardied reaches for a lowered rope and is hauled by Harbek just as a tentacle rises from the trash and nearly grabs him. Lander scolds him for taking a foolish risk bu Bardied is happy to find some gold coins in a purse, and proudly displays it to Lander who just shakes his head.

They notice several humanoids looking at them from across the pit.  Lander steps up to the edge of the pit and demands the plank to be brought out and the humanoids obey. They begin sliding the blank across the pit. Lander crosses and he sees that these four humanoids are chained together and anchored to a wall. He asks them they have three hours left, and the lead one tells him they know and that’s why they are hear now. He asks Lander if he is here to kill them?

Everyone has crossed over and see these humanoids are slaves and Harbek decides to free them by hammering at the chain at the wall. Each time his hammer comes down it strikes with a clang, ringing thorough out the cavern. That’s when they spot the plank moving and falling into the pit. They see several kobolds and Cyanwrath on the other side; they also spot several kobolds and cultist carrying items behind them, also another half-dragon figure ordering the others around.

Cyanwrath taunts them on the other side.

Harbek is definitely ticked off and wants to strike his vengeance against the half dragon. After an exchange of words, Lander with a slight of hand reveals a diamond and then lifts it in his hands to show Cyanwrath.  Then he tosses it in the air towards him, as if he was asking for a bribe and Cyanwrath chuckles and tells him they are doomed and no amount of wealth will save them. Lander holds up one finger, perplexed Cyanwrath watches and orders the kobolds to throw their javelins.

The diamond lands behind the kobolds just in front of Cyanwrath and then the spell goes off. A chromatic orb had been cast and it explodes real good. Knocking five out of the six kobold archers into the trash pit and then lighting the barrel’s wick on fire and that explodes as well! Cyanwrath hefts his staff and Lander thinks he knows what is coming next so he mage hands it from him and brings it across to him.

Meanwhile in the pit they can hear munching and the snapping of bones as the Otyugh is feasting on the kobolds that where knocked into the pit.

Once Lander has brought the staff to him he looks at it and then he throws it back at Cyanwrath and it hits him square in the back and then there is a huge shockwave that happens throughout the area. As kobolds and some cultist drop, Rezmir, orders the other to hurry on. She turns back and sees that Cyanwrath is down and she spits acid across the trash pit at Lander who is indeed covered head to toe with it.

Everyone is talking about what to do next and Harbek decides to tie a rope to him and tells the humanoids to lift him up as he jumps into the pit and grabs one end of the plank and tells them to lift him up.  With the plank back up, our heroes decide to cross and give chase to Rezmir and her cronies, but Lander slips and falls into the trash pit and Bardied seeing this jumps in after him. One of the humanoids reaches down and pulls Lander up and Bardied is left in the pit to face the Otyugh. Bardied manages to get his butt back up from the pit.

Our heroes give chase to the remaining cultist and Rezmir as well. They pursuit and in the chamber of the bats where they are alarmed and in a blinding cloud of flapping and squeaking. Though it only hampers the chase as they make it through the fungi room and up to the way they came in. Cyanwrath let’s out a roar, the fellow is not dead yet, and Harbek shouts at the others to go ahead and he’ll take care of this problem once and for all.

Harbek goes into a full rage and charges at Cyanwrath and they duke it out like two main event fighters at a UCW Championship!  As Lander, Bardied, Linan, Taliesin and Sheng head for the exact. They see carts whipping across the hollow and just as they are about to give chase a huge green dragon drops in front of them. Stopping our heroes in their tracks.

The dragon as he sits there and looks at them and then glances across the hollow to see the wagon’s fade in the distance. The dragon waits a few more rounds and then says his job is done and he takes flight.

Meanwhile back in the cave Harbek and Cyanwrath still fight and when the freed humanoid slaves intervene and trip up Cyanwrath that’s when Harbek finally has the upper hand. And, he takes the half-dragon down and making sure that he stays down for good as he hammers his skull into a pudding.

He and the large humanoids arrive at the mouth of the cave just as the green dragon banks to the north. The humanoids thank the group for saving them and they will make their way back home, one of them mentioning if they took the eggs from the dragon hatchery.

Landers eyes widen and he wants to go back and inspect, maybe they left something for a clue or a hint of where they are heading too as well. Our heroes head back into the cave and explore the rest of the caverns as the large humanoids head out from the cavern.




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