No Game, No Cry

Saturday is here and my normally scheduled game night is put on hiatus due to my theatrical commitment. I`m doing tech for `Neil Simons`Rumors. Last night was opening night and it was nearly a sold out show, the audience loved it and it was well received.

The community theatre runs seven performances starting on a Friday evening and continues until the following Sunday matinee. There`s a couple days of rest for the thespians and the crew and then it`s back on Thursday to wrap it up on Sunday.

When I`m involved in a production that usually throws a monkey wrench into my Saturday Game night for two weekends at least. It`s a good thing I enjoy what I do at the theatre. It`s awesome to get out and listen to the audience react to what is happening on stage, it makes an evening feel majestic when magic is unleashed on the stage transforming actors into characters in a story that draws everyone in.

So this week, I figured I`d reschedule my game night into an afternoon of gaming, but that didn`t pan out since there were a couple of things going on throughout the day. So, I just must hangout on Roll20 and work on a Gamma World setting.


About Mana Junkie

Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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