This weekend was TimCon 2018.

I decided to hold a one day convention in honour of GaryCon that was going on over the weekend. What better way to celebrate a convention you couldn’t get to by holding a convention in honour of that convention?

Eeek, I think that I better lay off the coffee.

With an attendance of two (myself and my dog, Rory). I ran a panel on dungeon designing 101. Basically drawing up a map of a tavern for my TSR Conan Role Playing Game adventure that I have been working on. Rory couldn’t even be bothered to pay attention so he spent the morning snoozing at my feet as I drew up a multi-level pyramid style dungeon.

After working out a few ideas and making a couple of levels for an underground complex, it all began to come together and with an even more epic story arc than I originally started out with. I do hope to run it either at a convention or even onto a VTT setting.


After a little break of playing “Angry Birds – Friends” it was back to convention business.

I went on line to Roll20 to work on my “The Lost Starport” adventure for the 1st edition Gamma World Science Fantasy Role Playing Game.  I have a crew of players ready to explore a re-working of the mini-module that can be found in the original GM screen for the RPG.

As you can tell I do love me some Gamma World. Once the Starport was done and the overland map nearly finished. It was time to take a break. Well, a nap break. Because as you get older you appreciate nap time.

In the afternoon the attendance was still two, I worked on some ideas to flesh out the Queen of the Dragon Hoard and a possible of juicy plot hooks to get the characters entangled up in. Rory meanwhile moved into the living room and onto his bed. This time he was serious about his napping! No cold floor for him.

As the afternoon waned on, it was time to tidy up and prepare for the regularly scheduled game night.

TimCon wrapped up with an epic adventure as a few players showed up to continue on the D&D 5e quest “Hoard of the Dragon Queen” and they made the trek from Greenest to Elturel with a little stops in between. This will be blogged later.

Maybe next year TimCon will be a little bigger.


About Mana Junkie

Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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