A Book Published In the 20th Century

I Heard The Owl Call My Name is written by Magaret Craven was written in 1967 and was first published by Clarke Irwin and Co. Ltd in Toronto, ON. The edition I picked up is a Totem edition published in 1975 by Pan Books Ltd.

This is the edition that I remember reading back in elementary school back in the mid 70’s. If I recall correctly it was one of four books to choose from to write a book report on. I Heard The Owl Call My Name intrigued me because it was about an indigenous tribe in British Columbia.


The story is about a young Anglican priest who is dying, but he is sent to a native village int he wilds of British Columbia.

Mark Brian, is the priests name and he has an experience that really changes his outlook on life in general. Hunting and fishing, celebrating in festivals and experience a funeral which transpires his own understanding of his upcoming death.

The title refers to an Indian legend of upon hearing an owl call your name it’s a warning of imminent death. Mark knows his time has come but it’s a sudden surprise that effects the villagers in this remote community in British Columbia.

It was good to read a novel that I haven’t read in over four decades. Back then it was just an assignment book report and I remember I got 83% grade for it because I misspelled the name of the tribe twice in it. Now, re-reading after all these years it’s a great Canadian classic and it stills stirs emotional feeling at the end of it.

If you should ever run across a copy of it, you should give it a read.

I recommend it.


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