A Book With A Name In The Title

I know I’m a couple weeks behind in posting my reads for this year’s challenge and I’m playing catch up at the moment.  So the book I picked for this particular week was a classic.

Oliver Twist.

It’s the name of the main character and it’s been a long, long, long time since I had read it. So, I figured I’d give it a re-read due to nostalgia as well.  I was in a high school production of the musical adaption of this tale.

Oliver Twist

I played Mr. Bumble when our high school had put on the play Oliver! I still remember the song I had to sing as well, it was one of my biggest moments to shine on stage. It was early enough in the play that I got to go and change and become a member of Fagin’s street gang.

Nostalgia aside though, once I began to read the story. It was all just song and dance and a light hearted tale of an orphan boy.  Charles Dickens dives in on the issues of the time;  child labour, criminals and their sordid lives, street urchins and a very seemingly underbelly of the city.  A not so romantic tale of a life of an orphan and street urchin.

I’m glad that I got to read it again. I had forgotten what a magnificent story Dickens had wrote.



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