Canada Day Eh Con

CanadaDayEhCon 2018Well, it’s July 1st weekend here and you know what that means.

Canada Day weekend.

And what better way to celebrate Canada’s birthday than a one day game convention on Saturday. Well, not an actual one just a spur of the moment home-brew convention with only one in attendance (that would be me) and a dog laying at my feet while I worked on some game scenarios throughout the day.

On Saturday after a couple cups of coffee, the event officially kicked off with Unknown Armies, now in it’s third edition, and with me reading up on some of the changes from the previous edition and jotting down some ideas for a scenario. I’ve been a huge fan of the game since I was first introduced to it some years ago, a friend of mine had submitted stuff for a few sourcebooks. UA is weird and wonderful and can be discrobbed as Call of Cthulhu on crack with a David Lynch and David Cronenberg feel.

Then afterwards it was some Tunnels & Trolls action as I created a character and went through a solo adventure, my character Hans Gooberlindsey a warrior, was slain in the fourth room of Buffalo Castle.

T&T is one of those guilty pleasure games for me. I always liked the system and the way the mechanics are so simple that you can break it out and adventure away until your character completes a solo dungeon or dies trying.

Good times, good times.

Then afterwards I worked on my Roll20 Gamma World campaign, re-designing an outpost and adding in some new artifacts here and there as well. The first edition of this game is by far my favourite version of this game and it always holds a special place in my heart.

GW is science fantasy role-playing at it’s best.



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