BackyardCon 2018 – Day 1


IMG_2334Well, it’s the first weekend in August. Which means it’s a long weekend with Monday being a Civic Holiday. This is also the weekend of the Lombardy Fair in this area. Also, this weekend GenCon  is also happening with thousands of geeks gather together and play games, buy games, and socialize with others.

Four the past four years now, each time GenCon happens I “host” a two-three day event I christened BackYardCon. Throughout the day I take a couple of games off my shelf and work on an adventure or an idea at the patio table in my backyard.

Friday morning, I brought out Cadillacs & Dinosaurs The Roleplaying Game by GDW to work on a bit. I had decided that I would be running a scenario for an online convention in November.  Cadillacs & Dinosaurs was a short-lived animated series based off the underground comic Xenozoic Tales by Mark Shultz.

GDW’s used their own game mechanics in this faithful adaption of the animated series plus the comic as well. It’s very rare that I get a chance to run it, I figured it’s about due for another kick at the can.

Friday Afternoon I decided to work on SpyCraft adventure idea inspired by Mission Impossible: Fallout. SpyCraft is an OGL product that has a more streamlined rules based on the d20 system.

I ended Friday with a classic from TSR: The Marvel Super Heroes RPG that I had recently acquired. I’ve been itching to get my hands on this grubby little game after having played a scenario at Cangames earlier this year. I wasn’t to big on superheroes rpg back in the day so i never did pick it up. Sure, I loved the comics and read them from cover to cover but never really did get into the rpg genre.

Now that I have it in my collection I have a scenario that I want to run which is set in the 80’s so this is perfect!

There you have it Day One of BYC in a nutshell.





About Mana Junkie

Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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