BackYardCon 2018 – Day 2

Day two of BYC was off to an early start this morning as I was up around 5:30 and then decided to start with a little solo adventure using the classic 5th edition of Tunnels & Trolls.


I resurrected a character I had created and used a while back to go through Buffalo Castle once again;  A warrior named Theo Knight.

Theo only lasted five rooms before he was slain by an orc. Theo was heavily damaged from a previous encounter and had no healing potions on him. He fought to the bitter end.

Later that morning I broke out the Battletech set that I have (I think it’s 3rd edition) and proceed to do a mano-et-mano combat, though Rory wasn’t too interested in playing, but he did wanted to play a game of “Only Throw! No Take!” A simple game where I throw the ball and he brings it back and then I wrestle the ball out of his mouth to throw it again.

Though, it’s been a pretty interesting morning that’s for sure.

In the afternoon I broke the 1st edition of Little Fears RPG and worked on an idea for this game. A trilogy of adventures inspired by the Netflix series “Stranger Things”.

Thus the day e3nded up with a classic battle of Gamma Knights as two warriors fought over a town.


About Mana Junkie

Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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