Back In The Fold

Last night I jotted down a few scenario ideas for Little Fears Role Playing Game and then after that I decided to do a little work on Gamma World 4th edition as well since I was inspired to write a post-apocalyptic adventure based on the Terminator Salvation movie  as the players explore an underground base and discover a killer cyborg.


But that last adventure idea just sounds like “The Sky Goes Clank” scenario I have written many moons ago. It’s an adventure set in an underground base, that has a killer cyborg, an alien ship, plague zombies and some Serfs who are about to crack open an egg of doom!

It’s basically, a run of the mill futuristic dungeon.

LOL… Instead of Dungeons and Dragons we got Malls and Mutants!

I’ve been wanting to run a Gamma World 4th edition campaign for a while, it’s TSR’s attempt to bring it into line of the d20 system they had after the ACT edition.  I rather enjoyed the game mechanics and the setting, and ran a one of game or two using it but I never did a full fledged campaign with it.




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Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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