AetherCon 2018 – Day One

Aethercon kicked off it’s seventh annual online convention of Friday.

There was a few interesting gaming events I was looking at at 9am but decided to put the polishing touches on the scenarios that I was going to run on Saturday. I’d figured I’d dedicated my morning to those two events and then jump into the convention at 2.

My first event for Friday was a Savage Worlds setting called Frozen Skies which was slated to start at 2pm. The adventure “Things Never Go Smooth” in which a crime boss wants us to fly out to a remote Alyeskan settlement and pick up some “goods”. Basically, a milk run… but is it?

Frozen Skies is a role-playing game written by Stephen Hughes of Utherwald Press. It is being brought to Kickstarter by Applied Vectors Ltd. So I hunted around for a description of the game and found this at the kickstarter.

The setting of Frozen Skies is the continent of Alyeska, the most northern landmass of the world of Darmonica and is often referred to as either the ‘rooftop of the world’ or ‘Darmonica’s Crown’. It is an icy frontier plagued by savage beasts, cut-throat sky pirates, harsh weather and eons old dark secrets. It is a barely tamed land where the most basic of utilities are hard to come by and tend to lie on the good side of unreliable at best. But despite all this there are opportunities for a man to make a name and, more ideally, coin for himself.  

Alyeska itself is dominated by savage beasts known as Wulvers, wolf like creatures that’ve plagued Alyeska since its earliest Colonial days. The Commonwealth had troops stationed in Alyeska to defend its fledging colony against the beasts, though they were steadily whittled away to satisfy the Commonwealth’s war efforts. As the defenses were weakened the Wulvers gradually overran more and more territory, in the end the Alyeskans were forced to hide behind fortified walls and increasingly rely on air travel to maintain contact with far-flung outposts.  

Despite the Wulvers the other great powers of Darmonica have their own interest in Alyeska, chiefly for the ruins and artefacts of the Ancient Terrans buried beneath the ice and for a mineral by-product of the Blast known as Glimmer Rock. Until it was altered by the energies released in the explosion it was a previously unremarkable mineral, now it is the fuel for a new Industrial Revolution that the world finds itself on the cusp of….but only if the new technology can be made viable.

It looked intriguing and I was looking forward to some good ol fashion pulp hero action. But, the came was called due to the fact that not enough players were at the table. The GM needed a minimum of two and the other players who had gotten tickets to the event never showed.

This setting looks pretty interesting to say the least.

I went to the Aethercon site and looked around for a bit and judged some miniatures and some some speed painting things. Then I went back to my adventures that I had prepared and gave them a little bit more tweaking here and there before the other game I signed up for began at 7pm.

The Adventure was called “Your Sister’s Keeper” for the Fantaji Role-Playing System by Anthropos Games. In this scenario an older sister of a player has been captured by kobolds and taken to the Land of Nod, what the books called Wonderland. And it’s up to the characters to brave the oddities and nonsense of a dark world where nothing is at it seems and bring her back before she goes insanse… or worse. Leaving the realm and into another.

The adventure was described as a “Kingdom Hearts” meets “Sucker Punch” and add a little “Dr. Strange” into the fold and you got a deep dark tale that Tim Burton might be proud of .

From their website:

Fantaji is a simple engine with a deep potential for both creativity and strategy. The moving parts come together on the tabletop to produce a vibrant and dynamic arena for players to respond to and role-play within.

The focus is still a conflict mechanic, a game. While other storytelling games get a little theatrical, Fantaji has roots in competitive play and risky conflict. We try to add the stuff of good drama, high action, creativity. But we do not take the game entirely into the realm of kabuki, theater, or simple make believe.

And that’s what we got.  There were two other players and the GM ready and raring to go and with a quick overview of the game and the system and a few question about the mechanics and character templates we were off and running.


I looked through the templates and picked the Soundrel and named Tymm.  Morgan picked an Icon and named her Alice, and the other player picked a Kingpin named Oliver.

II won’t go into detail of the adventure since it might spoil it for those who may want to try it. But I will tell you that it’s like a whole mish-mash of events and fairytales wrapped up in dark world.

There was a magic portal, snow covered land, flying harpies with armoured knights, missing children, one hell of a bar fight that nearly got my scoundrel killed and that was only in the mosh pit. And, finally an encounter with the big boss and his army of automaton warriors!

Too say that my scoundrel was way in over his head when he decided to face the big boss Mano-et-mano is not the brightest thing to do without a little backup.  It was a pretty fun filled session and I really enjoyed it.




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