Wagon’s Ho!

So lately I’ve been on a huge western kick. Watching classic western movies like “The Big Trail”, “Stagecoach” and a few episodes of “Wagon Train” just to mine for ideas for adventures for Boot Hill Role Playing Game.

What started this kick was a suggestion by a player at my table. He’s been itching to play a western game and we talked about it and narrowed it down to a specific period in the American West. I had decided to use the 3rd Edition of the Boot Hill Wild West Role Playing Game for it.

The idea was to have a campaign based on the Oregon Trail. Have the characters meet up in Independence, Missouri and hook up with a wagon train heading west to seek their fame and fortune. Since the wagon train took five-six months to travel across the terrain and encountering hostiles along the way, mishaps, diseases, hazards and other things along the way might make for at least several sessions of adventure.

And having a wagon train campaign with about 100+ it’ll be easy for players to appear and disappear each session why the adventure focuses on the adventurers that are at the gaming table at the time. 


About Mana Junkie

Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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