Fire Ants in Your Pants

Monday was a beautiful evening. After all it was Game Night! It has been a few weeks since we all had our schedules cleared on a Monday evening. Now, it was time to get back into the gaming fold.

With our GM, Ed, all settled in his new home and fellow players, Chris and Steve, rip raring to go. It was time to start off where we last left off; descending down into a giant ant hill and into the unknown.

What makes this game very interesting is that the GM is using Advancing Dungeons & Dragons second edition! And, for me it’s pretty damn sweet to be playing it once again. I really love the second edition of this game, because I have fond memories of this system from days of yore.

I realized my character, a halfling thief named Garrin. Had been damaged from the previous encounter and hadn’t really had time to heal up. And as we explored the tunnels he wasn’t doing to good against the fire ants since my dice weren’t too kind to me.

Over the course of the evening his hit points were dwindling and I’m glad we finally got a little break in the action to catch our breath and heal up just a tad.

Can’t wait for the next session that’s for sure.


About Mana Junkie

Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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