So the other day a friend of mine popped by for some coffee and a little gossip. As we chatted for a bit he spotted the “Star Trek The Role Playing Game” on my shelf. He said he had always wanted to play the FASA version from back in the day but had never gotten around to it.

He wanted to see how the mechanics worked and wanted to roll up a character as well. So that he can finally tell one of his old GMs that he now had a Star Trek RPG character.

He rolled up a character and wanted to see how the process went and afterwards we did a mock fight with him going mano-et-mano with a Gorn! The sample battled lasted a few minutes and he began to understand the game mechanics and overall he defeated the Gorn after a flurry of fists to the creatures thorax.

Once the battle was done with, I beamed his character up to a ship; The U.S.S Steadfast and then we had an impromptu game session. It ran for about an hour as his character wandered through the ship and encountered various crew members, an incident as well and then using some of the skills to over come a dilemma. It was a very interesting quick session and I enjoyed running the game, though I was a little foggy on some of the rules.

But, it got me wanting to run a full fledged campaign, be it table top or on Roll20.


About Mana Junkie

Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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