D&D: Spring, Sprung, & Sprang

Cast of Characters:
Ixik Everfeld, Half-Elf Sorceror (Darryl)
Gawithroed Evenwood, Human Fighter (Nathan)

GM Note: It was a character creation session and a quick little introduction to the adventure once the players were ready to go. The adventure played October 26th 2019

Our adventure begins at Otto’s Outpost where our Ixik & Gawithroed have been hold up over the winter season. They are waiting for the snow to melt to head to Tassle Helm through the Broken Hope Mountains were they think lies their fame and fortune.

With the snow melting and the pass cleared, it upon travel between the pass and people are heading out to do some much needed trading for goods and services. Ixia & Gawithroed gather their gear and get ready to head out after spending several weeks at Otto’s Outpost. Cabin fever had definitely set in and tempers flared now and then and the past few days with fisticuffs breaking out over simple little things.

As they leave the outpost they noticed a wagon train heading into the mountain pass as well, since they are on foot they think if they catch up to the wagon train they can probably hitch a ride since it’s safety in vast numbers.

After nearly a days travel an arrow lands at Ixit’s feet and a voice booms out from overheard, “Throw down your pouches and you can pass!” and after a few moments the voice calls out,” I don’t want to slay you and pick over your bodies now.” Thus giving Ixit an idea where the voice is calling from and he casts a firebolt in that general direction.

A human rogue cries out in pain and calls for his two goblin associates to deal with the characters. Two goblins charge out from behind a boulder with weapons drawn and Gwaithroed faces them as Ixit releases another cantrip at the human rogue standing on a ledge over head. The rogue is hit and is taken down since the fire from the bolt singed him pretty good.

Gwaithroed and Ixit then put the two goblins down and decide to pick over their corpses to see what they had. Some crude weapons and a total of 13 silver pieces and 2 gold coins are found on them. They press on.

The sun has settled when they arrive to where the caravan has stopped for the evening, they approach with caution and inquire about setting up camp with them since their is safety in numbers. The caravan leader, Molte Nimberson, agrees to it since someone from the caravan verifies that they were in Otto’s Outpost over the winter season.

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