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Star Wars RPG: The Tempest Gambit (A Boxing Day 2019 Event)

Cast of Characters:Garik Madine, a human gambler (Chance)Hapt Sterb, a sullustan pilot (Zak)Crysh Haubam, a trandoshan outlaw (Shelby)Trigi Ken’Lek, an ewok hunter (Erin)Soleil Siryne, a human explorer (Peyton)Sev Rainmaker, a human racer (Darryl) GM Note: Contains spoilers from “Tempest Feud” … Continue reading

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D&D: The Guilted Pig & Other Tales

Cast of Characters:Ixik Everfeld, a half-elf sorcerer (Darryl)Gwaithroed Evenwood, a human warrior (Nathan)Finnian Goodbarrell, a half-elf bard (Chance) away. GM Note: Adventure took place November 30th 2019 Our heroes return to the caravan campsite with Gwendolyn and she thanks them … Continue reading

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D&D: Mountain Pass Respite

Cast of Characters:Gawithroed Evenwood, a human fighter (Nathan)Ixik Everfeld, a half-elf sorcerer (Darryl)Finnian Goodbarrell, a half-elf Bard (Chance) GM Note: Adventure took place November 9th 2019 After setting up camp, Gawithroed Evenwood spots an old friend amongst the caravan members … Continue reading

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D&D: Spring, Sprung, & Sprang

Cast of Characters:Ixik Everfeld, Half-Elf Sorceror (Darryl)Gawithroed Evenwood, Human Fighter (Nathan) GM Note: It was a character creation session and a quick little introduction to the adventure once the players were ready to go. The adventure played October 26th 2019 … Continue reading

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It’s The Time of the Season

Years ago I was diagnosed with having Seasonal Affective Disorder; a mild form of depression that happens during the changing of the seasons. It’s been in check every year and I’ve been dealing with it as well, though this year … Continue reading

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La Prince Est Vraiment Morte

A Vampire: The Masquerade Tale Players note: I just got started in this campaign, it has a long history and I’m catching up as I go along. Cast of Characters:Angelo Giovianni, (Tom)Hafida Al-Razi, (Mike)Ahana Mars, (Amanda)Serena Greyfeather (Tim) Selena Greyfeather … Continue reading

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Can We Game? Yes We Can!

It’s been a few days since CanGames ended and now I’m in full rejuvenated gamer mode. I’ve been working on a few adventure ideas and also thinking of what to run for next year. Actually, I’m hoping to attend the … Continue reading

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