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Boxing Day 2018

With Boxing Day just around the corner… well it’s after Christmas and that’s approaching faster than a bullet train as well. It’s time to think of the games I’ll be running throughout the day. I try to run two or … Continue reading

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Walking In A Winter Hinterland

  A D&D (5E) Boxing Day Event Cast of Characters: Ander Stormwind, a retired human fighter (Kenneth) Lucas “Lord Lute” O’Lute, a half elf bard (Sam) Eldin Tosscoble, a hafling monk (Darryl) Wilby Greenbottle, a halfling rogue (Chance) Our story … Continue reading

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Boxing Day is here once again and you know what that means. Well, maybe you don’t but for me it’s an afternoon and evening of gaming at my humble abode. This “tradition” started on a lark many years ago when … Continue reading

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Christmas is Only A Week Away

… and it will be good to get the family together under the same roof for a couple of days at least. Looking forward to spending time with the kids, also see some old friends as they come home for … Continue reading

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