A Surprise for General Gage

A Colonial Gothic Tale

Cast of Characters:
Ester Morris, a frontier colonist (Nevion)
Jebediah Ezekiel, a militia (Nathan)
“Whiskey Jack” Wisakedjak , a tribe adopted Shawnee (Darryl)


Colonial Gothic

GM Note: On Saturday Feb 4th we jumped into our Colonial Gothic session with a bang. Introducing our heroes into a Rite of Passage of the American Revolution. For those who haven’t played “A Surprise for General Gage” which is in the Colonial Gothic Gazetteer there be spoilers below the cut.

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Game On


Tonight was game night. Tonight we played Colonial Gothic. And Tonight it was awesome! Using the introduction adventure in the Colonial Gothic Gazetteer our heroes are drafted into the revolution and hand picked to  go on a special mission for General Ward. I will go into more detail about in a bit but for now it was good to get back to rolling dice and kicking butt.

Though, on a rather sad note a player has informed us that she will be leaving the game group due to her husband has been promoted at work and that means they will be relocating elsewhere in the country. I’m happy for them, but sad that I will be losing a player at the table. But, as they say in the movies “such is life”.

Going Colonial Gothic On Ya


Tonight’s Game Night was more of a character creation night as a couple of players showed up and we decided to play something we haven’t played before; Colonial Gothic by Rogue Games. I had purchased the core rule-book before but then traded it with someone who was into the whole American Revolution and just wanted the book. He gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. So, when I got the second edition for Christmas it was kismet I guess. With Secrets and the Gazetteer accompanying the core rule book makes for a quick start into the world of Colonial Gothic.

Nevion and Darryl decided to not to proceed with D&D adventure and decided wait for the others to continue with my Engraved Face campaign. We decided to play Colonial Gothic, since it’s one of the games I had and always wanted to run a full blown campaign during the American Revolution, this time with a supernatural twist!  While in the process of creating characters Nathan decided to join us and we still continued on with making characters for Colonial Gothic.

This will be our go to game if other players cannot make it to game night.