Backyard Con 2017

2017 d1a

Call of Cthulhu

Day 1: BackyardCon 2017 kicked off Friday morning with some Call of Cthulhu (5e) action. I thought it was going to be rained on but the sun managed to poke through the clouds and chase them away. Figuring I’d get the same amount of attendees like I did the previous years.

I had wrote up an adventure based on the example play in the book and called it “Where is Bosso Morgan?” and a second part “What Happened to Bosso Morgan?”.

Mapping out some sewers in Arkham City and a Warehouse as well as a cargo ship since clues might be found at either location as well. With the adventures set it was time to pack up and hit the theatre. Friday evening it was opening night of “Fort Hemlock” a play that I’ve been rehearsing for the past several weeks for the community theatre  in town.

backyard con 2015 d2c

Horror Rules & Coffee

Day 2: I kicked off with some Horror Rules – The Simply Horrible Role-Playing Game and created a zombie apocalypse scenario. A small town being surrounded by the undead and the characters have to fight their way out!

Another overcast day but it promised to clear up a bit before the end of the morning. Horror Rules is a simple role playing game and a little fun to run since it takes the movie tropes of the 80’s and splash them across pages of the book.

I just might have to run this one at CanGames on these years.  Around 11 I brought out one of my favourite RPGs from GDW: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs – The Roleplaying Game and did a little rewrite of an old scenario just for the sake of it might come into play one of these days.


backyard con 2015 d2a

Cadillacs & Dinosaurs

C&D is based on the Mark Shultz’s comic Xenozoic Tales in a world gone made where Dinosaurs roam the earth along with classic old cars retrofitted to travel through the rough terrain.

I’m also working on a map of the Inland Sea area and hope to have that one finished shortly since it’s an intriguing area and quite unknown since the comic books only mention it but no one has ever explored beyond there.

Who knows there night be another clan or two?

As the afternoon wane on, it was time to the put the game away and prepare for a second performance of “Fort Hemlock”.

Day 3.  I woke from a strange dream and jotted down few ideas. Since they where in note form and dawned open me that maybe, just might it might fit into a Fiasco playset.

2017 d3a


So I got up, made myself a coffee and sat out back with my Fiasco books and started writing up a playset set in a futuristic city with some very nasty surprises awaiting the ordinary city folk who might just get pulled deeper and deeper into a strange plot filled with conspiracies, double crosses and little green men from Mars!

After that it was off back to the theatre for an afternoon performance of “Fort Hemlock”. And thus ended my three days of BackyardCon.







BackYard Con 2016 – Day 3

BackyardCon 2016 - Elfquest

A beautiful morning for BackyardCon 2016. This third day sees ElfQuest The Official Roleplaying Game by Chaosium Inc on the table this morning. A cup of coffee and an adventure ready and some player sheets set out just in case anyone liked to join. Since BackyardCon is sort of my #GenCant convention, it’s a pretty small and private convention. With an attendance of two: me and the dog.

The breakfast this morning consist of instant oatmeal, one toast and a banana. A huge cup of coffee and I’m set for the time. And, with no one arriving I spent my time working on an idea for Cangames using the pre-generated characters from the comics.

So, Day 3 wrapped up before the quick rainstorm hit. The storm hit and a downpour did occur but it didn’t last two long at all. Thank goodness.