There’s a little Gamma World in My Atomic Highway


Last night’s session was pretty neat and the players had a little fun in the bartering of goods for stuff they needed before they eventually headed off to their next adventure.

After resting up in Markstown for a bit and hearing some stories and legend of the mysterious place called See-Eff-Bee. It was time for them to explore.

I think I went full Gamma World as well by transitioning from Mad Max into a sort of Thundar the Barbarian set up, as our heroes went to explore a forgotten base that is manned by androids and guarded by a huge robot that is named Sentinel.

I dusted off an old Gamma World base that I had expanded on from the first edition of Gamma World. It’s the one that is in the example of play section, it was just a set up example but it had an intriguing premise.

And maybe just maybe our heroes might learn a thing or two along the way. 😉


After These Messages We’ll be Right Back

My regularly scheduled Saturday evening game was cancelled due to it being a long weekend and some of my players had other plans for the weekend. So, I dust off a couple of the games off my shelf to give them another read through and jot some notes down of possible adventures and plot hooks as well.

On Saturday it was the Top Secret Espionage Role Playing Game. Since I was inspired by the movie Atomic Blonde and jotting down some ideas that were swimming around in my head. Figured I’d run an adventure set in the 80’s and then it dawn on me that Sprechenhallestelle would be perfect! It’s an European city with a lot of strange stuff happening at the same time and would run it similar to Atomic Blonde.

On Sunday, I decided it would be Gangbusters 1920’s Role Playing Game, which is another TSR Game, that I really, really would love to play.  I ran a one shot once in a blue moon but never a full fledged campaign in. It’s a game I had in my gaming collection and then I traded it away for something else,  and was lucky enough to find another copy of  it a couple years back.

Then Monday it was Twilight 2000 turn on the table. This is one of those role playing games that I would like to also run an epic campaign with with the series of modules that came with it. Starting in Poland and then each module brought you closer and closer to getting home (that’s if the character lived that long).

Each of these box sets offer a unique era to play in Espionage ala 1980’s perspective when the cold war was hot. 1920’s in a place called Lakefront City (which is basically Chicago) dealing with mob bosses and bootlegging, and finally a world torn apart by WWIII and some soldiers just wanting to get back home.

Maybe I Should Be Better Prepared.

When I write an adventure; I write notes, several scenes that I have envisioned, as well as ideas that I want to convey at the game table. I don’t usually write down everything in minute detail and mainly keep things vague. I make sure that I have an underlying arc which ties the scenes together but when I start running the adventure and the paranoia  of the players kicks in this fuels the adventure even more.

Where a simple red herring becomes the adventure and where off in uncharted territories and making it up as I go along. Sure, my original idea and adventure gets lost in the fold but here we are exploring this avenue and unlocking things within our imagination as well.

Which is kind of a bonus isn’t it? Here we are making new discoveries together as players and a GM.