Go Ask Alice

The latest issue of Protodimension Magazine is out today and it has the conclusion to my Unknown Armies (1st Edition) adventure Go Ask Alice which was featured in Issue #24

Protodimension Magazine #28

  • Hallowanigans, By Tad Kelson, A Vignette Style Short Adventure for Call of Cthulhu (Modern Day)
  • Wolf at the Door, By Linden Dunham, Dark Conspiracy scenario seed
  • The Zone, a Different Kind of Demonground, By Kevin O’Neill, For Dark Conspiracy, any edition
  • Baker’s Dozen, By Shae Davidson, Delicious Doughnut Shop-Themed Plot Hooks for any RPG
  • Costumes, By T Mike McCurley, A Dark Conspiracy short story
  • Trick or Treat, By Anthony Lee-Dudley, A scary tale
  • Member-Guest Zombie Apocalypse, By Brian Glenmuchie, New England Undead Fiction
  • Momo, By Jason D McEwen, An Ogre Variant for Dark Conspiracy
  • 45 Dreamland Nightmares, By Linden Dunham, Dark Conspiracy scenario seed
  • Ghost Seekers, Ghost Hunters and Assorted Occultists, By Paul Riegel-Green, Spooky Careers for Dark Conspiracy
  • Go Ask Alice-Conclusion, By Tim Bisaillon, A retro adventure for Unknown Armies (1st ed.)