To Infinity And Beyond…


Star Ace Adventure in Space

I always wanted to run a huge campaign in Star Ace because it offered that Star Wars feel in a role playing game. The trouble was that players at the time where heavily into kicking orc ass and other fantasy tropes. So Star Ace offered just a quick break between epic fantasy gaming.

Star Ace came out in the mid-80’s just a couple of years before West End Games put out the licensed  Star Wars RPG. So, it had that going for it at the time.

I only played a couple of sessions and quite enjoyed the setting  since it was a swashbuckling no holds barred cinematic science fiction action.  It was very fun to play and I was planning on running an epic style campaign with it. But, I never got the chance to do, but at least I ran a few one off module adventures.

Star Ace takes place in the far future, during the Fourth Millennium where mankind had touched the stars and there thousands of inhabited planets in the universe.   There’s the Empire, which holds a lot of systems, and then there is the Alliance, which is sort of like the new kid on the block. Between the Federaiton and Alliance there lies a neutral zones (which they are called Wilderness region and Storm region). The main setting of Star Ace is the Wilderness region of space. Though, this is the “default” setting and it sets the tone of what you’re up against as well.

For a better understanding and the feel and flow of the game just read the text from the back of the box set:

“WANTED: for Smuggling, Disturbing the Emperor’s Peace, General Scorn of Imperial Law, High Treason against His Majesty Frederick Constantine II.
These raiders & bandits, masquerading under the name of “freedom fighters,” have claimed responsibility for the disappearance and/or destruction of over 20 Imperial Starcraft in the last year alone.
They have disrupted trade and commercial routes throughout the Wilderness Region.
In their scorn for just and proper government, they have kidnapped members of the Imperial nobility, demanding outrageous ransoms.
Most criminal of all, they refuse to submit to the kindly rule of His Most Imperial Majesty, whose sole concern is that of suitable order in the sovereign planets and systems.
His Imperial Majesty offers 500 Gold Imperial Crowns for the delivery, dead or alive, of any Star Team bandit to Imperial Command Enforcement Headquarters, Asfalia Outpost.
Members of the lower classes who deliver said renegades are released from one month’s duty at their designated Relocation Post.”

There’s intrigue, adventure, mysteries to be solved, alien worlds to explore, artifacts to uncover and bounty to be had by all.


Space Opera

This morning I received a ton of Space Opera supplements and modules. I had already picked up the box set at Cangames a couple of years back. I felt like a kid at Christmas opening up the parcel that was delivered to my front door, a few Star Sector Atlases, a couple of Sheldon’s Compendium of Starcraft books, a handful of adventure modules to nestle alongside the box set.

I do have fond memories of playing this game back in 1981-82 when Chris McBride had picked it up and wrote a series of adventures for it. Chris was heavily inspired by Star Wars and had done campaign in that vein. I remember it was pretty brutal but a lot of fun to play and we had a great few sessions of it.

It was a game I thought about picking up but never did since I thought (my first gaming group) we’d be together forever and a day back then. I never thought about  Chris moving to greener pastures from a small town to the big city seeking to further his education. It was year or so later that he did and taking Space Opera with him. That bastiche! And thus, my brief affair with Space Opera was done.

Now flash forward 30+ years and here I sit admiring the supplements in my possession. Making me think of wanting to run a session or two (even a one shot might do) sometime in the near future.