All Our Yesterdays

I have been working on a Star Trek The Roleplaying Game adventure. The pretty old school role playing game from FASA Corporation which was sort of cool at the time. It wasn’t Traveller cool but it was original television series cool. I just might have to run a campaign with it one of these months and treat the series of adventures like Star Trek Continues or something along those lines.

 I’m thinking of creating a new Constitution Class spaceship and setting the adventures after the five year mission of the Enterprise so that the crew doesn’t run into the ship and it’s encounters. I’m truly not going canon with this since I want to give the players a such of discovery and not knowing what is out there.


Live Long and Prosper

50 Years of Boldly going and still going strong. What better way to spend the day then watch some classic Star Trek episodes and dust off Star Trek The Roleplaying Game by FASA and gave it a read through and of course a little game action to boot!

Who would of thought that a science fiction series pitched as a “Wagon Train to the stars” would still be relevant today? 50 years ago I was just a toddler, I didn’t get into Star Trek until about 1971 when it was in syndication in the late afternoons. I remember coming home from school and turning on the tv to catch Kirk, Spock, McCoy, & the gang do their stuff. I wrote short stories about adventures on alien worlds and starship battles (I guess you call it fan-fiction) and I got to thinking maybe this was the series that pulled me into the sci-fi genre in the first place.

It wasn’t until the mid-80’s that I started playing Star Trek The Roleplaying Game by FASA corporation. I was in college at the time and I think “The Voyage Home” was about to hit the screen and that’s why someone wanted to run a session or two (I think it ended up with a few more). I had created a security officer with the moniker, Burke Reynolds. He lasted a few sessions though he nearly got eaten by a pitcher-plant like alien. I distinctly recall that the gm left us at a cliffhanger and we never resolved it. In that time I had hunted down the game to have for my collection and was thinking about running a campaign of it as well. Though, I had misplaced it with a few other games when I inadvertently left the milk crate behind when I relocated to another town.

My loss was someone else gain (well that’s what I hoped).  Fast forward to a few years at Cangames when I spot the basic game box set for sale and the time to reacquire this classic games into my grubby paws once again was now. After a minute or two of haggling, I got the game for $25 and it was mine! Since it’s the Star Trek 50th anniversary, I had dusted off the box set once again to give it a read through and maybe, just maybe roll some dice in a sample combat.


A crew beamed down to the planet surface to answer a distress call. After a little exploring and an encounter with a pitcher-plant type creature (he he) they do stumble upon a crashed spaceship and discover that KLINGONS are about as well. Good times, good times.