No Game, No Cry

Saturday is here and my normally scheduled game night is put on hiatus due to my theatrical commitment. I`m doing tech for `Neil Simons`Rumors. Last night was opening night and it was nearly a sold out show, the audience loved it and it was well received.

The community theatre runs seven performances starting on a Friday evening and continues until the following Sunday matinee. There`s a couple days of rest for the thespians and the crew and then it`s back on Thursday to wrap it up on Sunday.

When I`m involved in a production that usually throws a monkey wrench into my Saturday Game night for two weekends at least. It`s a good thing I enjoy what I do at the theatre. It`s awesome to get out and listen to the audience react to what is happening on stage, it makes an evening feel majestic when magic is unleashed on the stage transforming actors into characters in a story that draws everyone in.

So this week, I figured I`d reschedule my game night into an afternoon of gaming, but that didn`t pan out since there were a couple of things going on throughout the day. So, I just must hangout on Roll20 and work on a Gamma World setting.

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Hoard of the Dragon Queen – The Dragon Hatchery (II)

A Tyranny of Dragons  5e Campaign
Game Session: Feb 17th 2018

Cast of Characters:
Bardied Rein, a human fighter (Ken)
Harbek Dankil, a dwarf barbarian (Darryl)
Linan Swift, a human warrior (NPC)
Sheng Long, a dragonborn Monk (Kyle) – Away
Lander Lakeman, a human wizard (Chance)
Taliesin, a wood elf druid (Nathan)

GM NOTE: Here be spoilers for those who haven’t played the Tyranny of Dragons campaign.

Harbek and Lander begin looking around the room and discover that it’s a cold storage area. They assume that this chamber is where the denizens of this place store the meat due to the natural cold. Bardied searches the body of the fallen “butcher” and notices that it had been chained to the wall. Sheng studies the furs and pelts that are hanging as well and is sadden to see many furs of woodland creatures here.

After several minutes of seeing what is edible and what is rotted, our party decides their next course of action. They are alerted by someone coming down the stairs and prepare for battle but it’s Taliesin who finally caught up to them. Taliesin had finished what he was doing in Greenest and decided to see if the group needed his assistance. Lander asks him about the hollow and entrance and Taliesin informs him the hollow is now empty and there are several wagons being loaded outside.

Taliesin used his Druid ability to shape change and sneak past the sentries at the mouth of the cave and proceeded to track the party by their scent.

As our heroes discuss their next course of action, Lander hears some movement coming down the stairs and sees a small group of kobolds coming down. Our heroes prepare for battle as they wait for the kobolds to enter, but the kobolds have stopped halfway down the stairs. Lander does a peek to see what they are doing and as he does a flaming Molotov cocktail hits him and smashes and he is covered in flames. Lander stops drops and rolls and Bardied and Sheng grabs some furs and attempts to put him out.

Harbek and Linan go running up the stairs to confront the kobolds before they throw another cocktail into the chamber. They have a scuffle in the stairway with the kobolds having the hire ground. Lander recovers quickly from the flames and looks up the passage and toss sand up the way and causes several of the kobolds to sleep. Linan and Harbek are in the process of making sure the kobolds don’t wake up from their nap time and that’s when Harbek hears something being rolled to the top of the stairs and see a huge barrel that has been tipped on it’s side and a flaming wick attached to it.

It is pushed down the stairs and rolls, Linan and Harbek flee back down the stairs as the barrel comes rolling down. Harbek though is smashed by it as Linan manages to dive out of harms way. Lander and Harbek notice a flaming wick at one end; Harbek grabs for it just as Lander casts a ray of frost to put out the wick and hitting Harbek as well. The flame is definitely out and Harbek’s fingers are slightly frost bitten. He’s in pretty bad shape and needs some healing.

Bardied and Linan go running up the stairs and Lander follow suit as Harbek asks Taliesin if he could heal him since he’s badly wounded. On the top of the stairs is a couple of kobolds and a kobold warlord riding a ambush drake. The kobold warlord dismounts and draws a sword from a sheath. Lander fires off a few magic missiles at the warlord. Bardied charges at the warlord and they get into a huge mano-et-mano sword fight. Bardied is hit with the sword twice and each cut is a deep wound which continues to bleed.

The kobolds are put down but the warlord is a battle and a half and is finally dealt with. Bardied is weak from the blood loss and Linan bandages him up to stanch the blood flow, while Lander takes precaution with the sword and wraps it up as Harbek and Taliesin make their way up. The ambush drake fades into the shadows down a corridor.  Lander signals to the others to hold still, as he sees a huge form walking up a passage; it’s Cyanwrath. Since everyone is not up to fighting form, they retreat back down to the meat locker and hope the smell of the meat hides their scent which is does.

Our heroes hold up here for a bit. Catching their breath and tending to their wounds, Bardied sees that two of his wounds don’t fully healed. Lander tells him it might be from the sword the warlord was using. After a good rest they are ready to continue on.


Dragon Hatchery Of Doom.

The make it up to the platform, they decide to bring up the barrel and place it in the corner next to the northern passage. Lander asks to put the wick back in the barrel because he thinks it might come in handy. Deciding what to do next they see a pit with a lot of trash into it, Bardied decides to drop into the pit and have a look around since he sees a lot of stuff that have been thrown into this pit. He searches around and finds a discarded purse with 22 gold coins in it.

Lander spots something slithering in the refuse. It looks like a snake and he warns Bardied. Bardied reaches for a lowered rope and is hauled by Harbek just as a tentacle rises from the trash and nearly grabs him. Lander scolds him for taking a foolish risk bu Bardied is happy to find some gold coins in a purse, and proudly displays it to Lander who just shakes his head.

They notice several humanoids looking at them from across the pit.  Lander steps up to the edge of the pit and demands the plank to be brought out and the humanoids obey. They begin sliding the blank across the pit. Lander crosses and he sees that these four humanoids are chained together and anchored to a wall. He asks them they have three hours left, and the lead one tells him they know and that’s why they are hear now. He asks Lander if he is here to kill them?

Everyone has crossed over and see these humanoids are slaves and Harbek decides to free them by hammering at the chain at the wall. Each time his hammer comes down it strikes with a clang, ringing thorough out the cavern. That’s when they spot the plank moving and falling into the pit. They see several kobolds and Cyanwrath on the other side; they also spot several kobolds and cultist carrying items behind them, also another half-dragon figure ordering the others around.

Cyanwrath taunts them on the other side.

Harbek is definitely ticked off and wants to strike his vengeance against the half dragon. After an exchange of words, Lander with a slight of hand reveals a diamond and then lifts it in his hands to show Cyanwrath.  Then he tosses it in the air towards him, as if he was asking for a bribe and Cyanwrath chuckles and tells him they are doomed and no amount of wealth will save them. Lander holds up one finger, perplexed Cyanwrath watches and orders the kobolds to throw their javelins.

The diamond lands behind the kobolds just in front of Cyanwrath and then the spell goes off. A chromatic orb had been cast and it explodes real good. Knocking five out of the six kobold archers into the trash pit and then lighting the barrel’s wick on fire and that explodes as well! Cyanwrath hefts his staff and Lander thinks he knows what is coming next so he mage hands it from him and brings it across to him.

Meanwhile in the pit they can hear munching and the snapping of bones as the Otyugh is feasting on the kobolds that where knocked into the pit.

Once Lander has brought the staff to him he looks at it and then he throws it back at Cyanwrath and it hits him square in the back and then there is a huge shockwave that happens throughout the area. As kobolds and some cultist drop, Rezmir, orders the other to hurry on. She turns back and sees that Cyanwrath is down and she spits acid across the trash pit at Lander who is indeed covered head to toe with it.

Everyone is talking about what to do next and Harbek decides to tie a rope to him and tells the humanoids to lift him up as he jumps into the pit and grabs one end of the plank and tells them to lift him up.  With the plank back up, our heroes decide to cross and give chase to Rezmir and her cronies, but Lander slips and falls into the trash pit and Bardied seeing this jumps in after him. One of the humanoids reaches down and pulls Lander up and Bardied is left in the pit to face the Otyugh. Bardied manages to get his butt back up from the pit.

Our heroes give chase to the remaining cultist and Rezmir as well. They pursuit and in the chamber of the bats where they are alarmed and in a blinding cloud of flapping and squeaking. Though it only hampers the chase as they make it through the fungi room and up to the way they came in. Cyanwrath let’s out a roar, the fellow is not dead yet, and Harbek shouts at the others to go ahead and he’ll take care of this problem once and for all.

Harbek goes into a full rage and charges at Cyanwrath and they duke it out like two main event fighters at a UCW Championship!  As Lander, Bardied, Linan, Taliesin and Sheng head for the exact. They see carts whipping across the hollow and just as they are about to give chase a huge green dragon drops in front of them. Stopping our heroes in their tracks.

The dragon as he sits there and looks at them and then glances across the hollow to see the wagon’s fade in the distance. The dragon waits a few more rounds and then says his job is done and he takes flight.

Meanwhile back in the cave Harbek and Cyanwrath still fight and when the freed humanoid slaves intervene and trip up Cyanwrath that’s when Harbek finally has the upper hand. And, he takes the half-dragon down and making sure that he stays down for good as he hammers his skull into a pudding.

He and the large humanoids arrive at the mouth of the cave just as the green dragon banks to the north. The humanoids thank the group for saving them and they will make their way back home, one of them mentioning if they took the eggs from the dragon hatchery.

Landers eyes widen and he wants to go back and inspect, maybe they left something for a clue or a hint of where they are heading too as well. Our heroes head back into the cave and explore the rest of the caverns as the large humanoids head out from the cavern.



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Game On

It’s Saturday and you know what that means; GAME NIGHT.

Tonight we continued on where we last left off in “Hoard of the Dragon Queen” campaign and tonight’s session was an action packed session of exploding barrels, acid-spitting half dragon, and a very bored green dragon!

With one of the players not showing up, but another player returning to the table still meant there were four players at the table and plenty of dice rolling action was had by all. A very energetic session with tons of drama squeezed in for added measure.

I’ll blog the session like I normally do.

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A Book Written By A Female Author

For this weeks 2018 Ultimate Reading Challenge (as proclaimed in the title) I’ve dusted off one my novels and giving it a re-read. Ursula Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness will be my book challenge this week.


With her recent passing I will delve into on of my favourite books of hers. I was going to read the first book of the Earthsea series but then upon thinking about it I wouldn’t be able to stop at the first one.  I was indeed sadden by the news of her death because she was a talented author whose stories were compelling and also she dealt with issues of the time and incorporated into the story.

The Left Hand of Darkness is part of the Hainish Cycle of stories and the main protagonist is Genly Ai, a terran, who is sent to Gethen (also known as Winter due to it being an ice plants) to persuade the people there to join with the federation.

There is romance, intrigue and political action in this novel that kept me interested. It’s one of the reasons why I kept the book and had made notes some time ago for a Traveller campaign that I had was thinking of running at one time.

The story is about Ai’s interaction with an alien culture and the inner workings of their society, about a genderless society and religion. Star Trek the Next Generation touched upon these themes in an episode where Riker and Soren, whose race was genderless, in the episode “The Outcast”.  Soren after working closely with Riker had developed an emotional attachment to him.

The Left Hand of Darkness is a such a pretty excellent read and I’m glad that I got a chance to re-read it after a few decades sitting on my shelf. I’m sad that I had a challenge and her death to dust off the books though. And now that I’m finished this novel I got a hankering to find the other Hainish Cycle books to add to my collection now.


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A few weeks ago I was asked to partake in a game by a friend who was running the second edition of Astonshing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyberborea role playing game. I had created a fighter and named him Brok and waited for a Sunday that we all had time to actual gather and play on Roll20.

I had missed the first session due to commitments and was looking forward to getting a chance to play the second session. The adventure we were playing was called The Black-moss Hag of Lug which I presume was the introductory adventure in the second edition sourcebook.

It’s very rare that I sit on the other side of the GM screen and actually playing a character in a game and I was hoping to get my game on. Come hell or high-water I was going to spend an afternoon rolling digital dice and moving my player through a mine to find the parents that were taken from their children.

In the first session that I missed it was a gathering of heroes and a meeting with a witch encounter that I apparently should of been there to witness for myself. But, it was all good and I was caught up on the action. Brok being a first level fighter and teamed up with a magician, a rogue and another warrior began exploring the caverns. Which lead to some dead ends, an encounter with a strange race that were mining in another area.

Also, stumbling onto a skeletal remain of a viking in which Brok took the sword that was by his side, there were some runic glyphs on it and since he couldn’t understand it, he’d put it away so that maybe the magic user could determine what it was later.

After another dead end and forks in the road we manage to enter a chamber filled with fire beetles. And thus, dear reader, is when Brok and the rest meant their untimely death. Sure they were easily squishable insects, They had one hell of a fiery bite.

Well, let’s just say that the dice weren’t rolling in our favour but they certainly were for our GM who showed us no mercy. I figured we had a good chance since the other encounters were pretty smooth, but this one was just an express elevator to certain death for all four of us. Brok was the second to fall due to a nasty bite that tore into his arm and nearly severing it off. He bled out as he hit the cavern floor, though the remaining two characters tried their damnedest to help us all out. Their valiant attempt was all for naught and both succumbed to the beetles as well.


It was a fun afternoon and I really enjoyed it. And I look forward to creating another character and giving the game another go. It helps when other players make the experience more enjoyable and memorable.

We were telling the last character to cut and run and maybe come back with a new party but he stood his ground and hoping beyond hope that the dice gods look down upon him with favour.

They didn’t.

Ah, good times, good times. 😉



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Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Dragon Hatchery (I)

A Tyranny of Dragons  5e Campaign
Game Session: Feb 10th 2018

Cast of Characters:
Bardied Rein, a human fighter (Ken)
Harbek Dankil, a dwarf barbarian (Darryl)
Linan Swift, a human warrior (NPC)
Sheng Long, a dragonborn Monk (Kyle)
Lander Lakeman, a human wizard (Chance)

GM NOTE: Here be spoilers for those who haven’t played the Tyranny of Dragons campaign.

On the way back to Greenest, the bard Leosin passes out from his wounds, our party makes haste to get back to town. Though, Bardied is inquisitive about his sword and he knows that Lander is a magic-user and will pay him good coins if he discovers the true nature of his sword. Lander accepts.

Once they arrive in town they take Leosin to a hostel to be tended too and the others decide to find a place to sack out and rest for a bit. Lander finds a spot and he proceeds to inspect his gear and earn some money. Taking out his components and putting them on the table, Bardied is intrigued when he spots a vial with some fireflies in them. He picks one up and inspects it, shaking the vial some and seeing the little insect light up like magic.

Lander begins crushing up a pearl. While the others are busy resting up, Lander asks Steif he can deliver a parcel to Candlekeep there is a coach leaving in a few hours and he’d like to have the parcel in a safe haven for now and maybe when he has time he’d study it more. Steif says he will do it.

Harbek is admiring the shield he had acquired and is marveling at the intricate design on it. Sheng Long asks if he can see it and Harbek hands it to him, Sheng is looking over the shield and sees no writing or symbols; but he does see an indention in the center of the shield where something was inserted but removed. Could a gem fit in that space?

Taliesin says he will be busy for a few days and will help with the land that was burnt and the crops that where taken by the raiders. It’s the least he can do for the town. Lander discovers what the magical sword is and explains the whole process to Bardied who sits there with a blank stare on his face, nodding every now and then as Lander’s spiel reveals the history of the sword. Bardied finally realizes he has a flame tongue sword and he immediately actives the swords magical ability. The hostel owner tells Bardied to take it outside and be careful with it.

Which Bardied promptly does. He heads outside and strolls across the grass to an old wooden post and decides to practice with it. His wild swinging is an impressive show but he doesn’t realize until he is alerted to the fact that the grass around him is on fire and burning. He drops the flame tongue to the ground and proceeds to to stamp out the fire hoping no one saw him do so. He sees Linan standing off to one side and chuckling at him.

A couple of days have passed and Leosin has woken from his coma, he summons the characters to his room. First of all he thanks them for getting him out of there, he was being tortured by the half-dragon named Rezmir of what information he knows about the Cult of the Dragon. Lander’s eyes widen in disbelief  did Leosin say Cult of the Dragon,  he immediately goes for his notebook to search.

Leosin asks them all if they are willing to return back to the Raider’s Camp and find out if the cultist are preparing another raid or another large body has moved into or away from the hollow and report back to him. He plans on heading north to Elturel to convey what he’s learned to Ontharr Frume, who is a paladin of Torm. Frume is also inquiring about the Cult of the Dragons activities.

Bardied, Harbek, Lander, Lanin, & Sheng agree to do so. Leosin thanks them again and hands them all 150 gold pieces for their troubles to equip themselves as necessary for their troubles.  Our heroes hit the marketsquare to see what they can buy but they find that it hasn’t been restocked since the raid. Governor Nighthill approaches them and asks them if they find any of the town’s loot at the camp can they return them.

Bardied realizes he had a sack of some silver and items and other trinkets and hands them to the governor. Harbek drops several swords as well stating that they were picked up from the fallen raiders and that maybe they could be used to arm the towns watch as well. The Governor thanks them and also bids them a safe journey.

Our heroes make the track back to the hollow where the Raider’s Camp and upon arriving close to the hollow they discover a lot of wagon tracks and pack animal moving west. As they glance down the hollow they can see most of the tents and huts have been dissembled and gone. But there are still a few remaining as well as a couple groups of kobolds and a handful of cultist.

They enter the hollow and proceed with caution, and as they do they spot two winged kobolds overhead. Sheng automatically draws his sling and prepares to fire, Lander is about to stop him but a stone is set and flies towards the heaven and strikes one of the winged critters which alerts them to the heroes. One of them lets out a bellow alerting the hollow that they have company.

The winged goblins circle around and head towards the back of the hollow, our heroes give chase as well. Spotting them when they land with a baker’s dozen of kobolds at one of the remaining camps.

Birdied itching to try his swords new ability lets out a shout and goes charging forward, Harbek follows suit and Linan shakes her head and then gives chase. Sheng lingers back a moment and Lander remains hidden in the brushes.

They see the kobolds part and a large kobold is revealed and a spell is cast as a staff hits the ground unleashing a shockwave which hits Bardied, Harbek and Linan. Then several magic missiles fly from the hands and pepper Bardied since he is in the lead and has a flaming sword in his hands making him the obvious target.  It’s at this moment he seriously regrets his actions.

What looks like a kobold shaman rises from the small group of humanoids and it is revealed to be Cyanwrath! To the dismay of Harbek and Bardied the half dragon lives! He barks an order to the kobolds and then he backs away and heads to the cave at the far end of the hollow. Bardied needs to catch his breath and Linan tends to him as the kobold advances. The small humanoids swarm both Bardied and Linan and one of the beast goes for Harbek. Two winged kobolds take to the air with boulders in their hands.

The battle itself is pretty chaotic as Linan fights to save Bardied whose on the verge of death, but the gallant soldier fights on. Sheng using his breath weapon manages to hit a small group of kobolds and wounding them as well.

Sheng knowing that Bardied may not survive the battle jumps into the fray going with his fist of fury facing a kobold the dragonborn monk screams “Wah-tah-HAH!” nearly knocking the block of the tiny critter. Boulders rain from the heavens trying to peg our stalwart heroes and Lander hits one with a bolt and it goes fluttering off towards the cave.

In a few rounds the kobolds are taken down, Sheng takes a sling and knocks the remaining winged kobold to the ground before it has a chance to fly off. Bardied and Linan rest a bit as the others search the kobolds and find six potions. Bardied is handed one and looks at it since it’s has a red x on it he doesn’t know if he should drink it. Lander comes over and turns the vial to reveal a red cross. He says it’s a symbol of healing. Bardied gladly consumes it and feels a tad better, Linan hands hers over to him as well since she is only slightly wounded and Bardied is not quite up to snuff yet.

Sheng and Lander look over the winged kobold and marvel at the beast, while Harbek is fuming that Cyanwrath is alive. He had thought they had killed him in their last encounter with him.

After a short rest our heroes are ready to enter the cavern and see what’s going on there. Before they enter Lander takes a firefly in a vial gives it a shake and it begins to light and then he mumbles something and the firefly disappears but the top of his staff is lit. Bardied activates the flame on his sword to use it like a torch as well.

As they approach they see two sets of glowing eyes in the darkness reflection from the light, they stop and prepare for battle but the eyes fade deeper into the darkness. Bardied asks Harbek to lead the way since he’s a dwarf and he has infravision as well.  Lander with a notebook in hand jots down some notes about the winged kobold, Sheng is walking with him and trying to insert his insights as well.


Harbek leads the way into the mouth of the cave, he is cautious since he knows there are someone lying in wait for them. And sure enough two ambush drakes spring from an alcove and attack Harbek. They rip into him but our heroes pepper the beast and take them down with great ease.

The entrance to the cave ends at a 10 foot drop off, to the right they see broad roughly hewed steps that lead down to a another cavern that is carpeted with a profusion of fungi. They make their way down the stairs with Bardied taking the lead this time since he feels better. He spots a trip wire and steps over it, alerting the others beside him. As they see the cavern with the fungi they make out two clear paths through them. Bardied heads down one path and that is when he is attacked by a Violet Fungi. Vines and roots whip up around him stinging his exposed fleshed with necrotic damage.

Bardied swings his flame tongue sword and severed a vine and Harbek spots where the main stem of the beast and plunges his Warhammer into it. Sending spores into the air and everyone in the area has to make a saving throw. Lander is the only one to fail and he inhales some spores and begins hacking and coughing up blood as he suffers necrotic damage. It takes him several round to get his breathing down to a raspy exhale, his throat raw from the spores. Knowing the colour and the make of the Violet Fungi they spot three more along the path, so they decide to re-route and follow the other one.

The path they take leads them into another huge cavern where the floor is covered in bat guano and a few dried out husks of bats as well. As they look up to the ceiling of the cave they see the ceiling is carpeted with bats. They spot several foot prints amongst the guano and they proceed with caution. Midway through the chamber Lander goes into a coughing spasm hacking up blood, everyone stops and thus the bats are not stirred and they continue onwards. The cavern ends at a drop off that drops 10 feet to a platform and another 10 feet drop before a huge cavern.


To the north is a passage and also there is one to the south, Harbek inspect the south passage and sees a pitted spear leaning against the wall and some steps that lead down stairs. They decide to take the south passage.

Harbek sees a pitted spear and picks it up, and then they take the stairs down, they end at a curtain that hangs across the passage. It’s made from hundreds of heavy leather strips, the strips are fixed to the ceiling  and are long enough to drag on the floor. The curtain extends from wall to wall.

Harbek decides to part the curtain but realizes to his horror that there are fishing hocks and needles on the leather straps and his hands get caught.  He tries to pull his hands away but the barbed hooks dig into his flesh. He lets out a shout, and Sheng grabs a dagger from Harbeks belt and cuts the strips.  Bardied sure that an alarm had been set prepares for battle, and goes back up the stairs to check while Linan then begins to take the barbed hooks from his hand.

Inside the cavern is naturally cold, there smell of blood assaults the nose, the floor is covered with dried pubbles of it, four floor to ceiling columns are spaced across the chamber and chains hae been strug betwen them like a clothesline. Animal carcusses hang on hooks from the chains; gutted anteleop, deer and goats can bee seen.

Lander steps inside and peers around, he hears the sound of chopping coming from a corner and he cautiously steps forward. He can see his breath as he goes deeper into this cavern. He spots where the sound is coming from, there is a huge hulking form in the corner of the room hacking away at whats left of an antelope. The beast is also chained to the wall as well.

Lander begins another coughing spasm alerting the hulking figure who turns to face him, Sheng steps out as well and the hulking humanoid spots him and tells him it won’t be ready for another few hours. Lander inquires what won’t be ready.

Meanwhile, Bardied who was up on the top of the stairs glanced around and having seen nothing stirring, he goes back down the stairs and spots Linan wrapping up Harbek’s hands with bandages. He steps into the chamber declaring as he does “All right I’m bored let’s kill something!”

The hulking humanoid form hears Bardied and Lander tries to calm the beast down before the creature takes the cleaver he has and chucks it at Sheng! Sheng manages to catch the cleaver. Harbek hearing Bardied declaration enters the room and as he does the shield he armed with begins to crackle as it enters the cold storage room.

Bardied seeing the cleaver being tossed and caught charges at the hulking beast with sword in hand. Lander tries to calm everyone down but to no avail, he is frustrated because there’s something important that was going to be revealed, but the humanoid doesn’t trust anyone now and grabs a club.

The fight is one side and the humanoid is put down pretty quickly.

Lander mutters to himself and the rest of the party congratulate each other on dispatching another denizen of this lair.






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Well, I had a game night after all.

Snow be damned indeed.

I had four players arrive at my door and we continued on our regularly scheduled D&D game. I was kind of worried that with the way the weather was that players would prefer to stay where they were and not venture forth. But, lo and hold there were knocks upon the door and those daring souls braved the snow and the cold to get here.


Since the last time we left off the adventurers headed back to the town of Greenest. So we continued on with The Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure.

Embarking on Chapter Three: The Dragon Hatchery. I was kind of leery of this chapter of the adventure after reading through and prepping for it. Knowing how my players might do in certain situation just might spell a TPK for the campaign.

But cooler heads prevailed and after a encounter with kobolds and an old nemesis they thought they had killed but reared his head and taunted our heroes .  It was sort a fun evening of revelations for the characters and a look of total surprise when it dawned on a particular character of what was happening around him.

Ah, it’s good to be a GM.


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