The Chabuli Conspiracy

A Thousand Suns RPG Scenario

Cast of Characters:
Game Master – Steve
Kassandra – Paul
Alexander Khan, a Myrmidon Spacer – Lev
Paulo Vandirk, a Merchant — Will
Elisabeta Choi – Darryl
Dr. Ludoviko Janssens, MD – Tim
Prof. Ludoviko Zhang, PHD – Mark

Editor’s Note: This is taken from my perspective of the game. I was a player and took notes that involved what my character was doing throughout the adventure, though the noise level of the convention was pretty high, I think I caught most of it. 

My character, Dr. Janssens is working passage on the starship Distant Sprite, which is crewed by Paulo Vandirk, the Captain, Alexander Khan a body guard, Elisabeta Choi a mechanic.  Along the way we pick up Prof. Zhang and a mysterious woman named Kassandra who is a empath?


Our adventure begins in the Garden Sector as we are about to land on Savuul, the Distant Sprite needs to refuel and to restock and also Capt. Vandirk wants to drum up some business as well, and that might take another day or two so we want to make the most of it while we are here.

Savuul is occupied by Chabuli, who are a four legged insect-like beings, and Terrans as well and we seem to have arrived at a time when a civil war is about to break out. Tensions are pretty high here and there had been some sort of rebellion a few days before hand. So there is unrest and that the place is under martial law at the moment. We are informed by the spaceport authority that due to this nature that all weapons must be left on the ship.

Dr. Janssens (Me) tries to use his bedside manner hook and sweet talk his way into letting him keep his vibro dagger just in case of a medical emergency, but fails miserable at it and the weapon is confiscated. Paulo suggest that Dr. Zhang’s action was not a smart move to begin with and that it might draw more attention to the ship and it’s crew. Due to the civil unrest happening here the port authority tells us that it will take a few days to leave due to a huge influx of people wanting to leave and that each ship has to be inspected before doing so.

As we leave the port behind us and walk into the city there are signs of combat that had happen as some buildings are being repaired, terrans and chabuli trying to go about business as normal as we wander the streets. With no particular sense of direction to head to our group seems to wandered off the beaten path and into a rough area of the town. Elisabeta thinks we should be heading elsewhere, thinking this is a bad direction we are going. Kassandra senses that danger is near and then we hear two shots from an alleyway.

Just in time to see a Chabuli standing over a fallen body of a Terran and that’s when Alexander Khan’s reflexes kick in and the Myrmidon spring into action trying to apprehend the Chabuli. While the rest of us rush into the alley way. Khan is pretty fast and swift and he’s on the Chabuli like glue and wrestles away the weapon. As Dr. Zhang checks the Terran on the ground and discover that he is indeed dead.

Paulo and Elisabeta think we should clear out of hear before the authority arrives to find us with the body and this Chabuli. Prof. Zhang thinks we should stay because there might be security or drones about that have caught the action and us leaving might seem suspicious as well. As sirens approach we discover that the Chabuli is name V’na and says that this was a mugging gone wrong. Dr. Janssen checks the Terran’s id chip and finds out his name is Tankredo Pederson and that Pederson is a member of the Encyclopedia Galactica Foundation.

A federal vehicle arrives with Chabuli constables and a human lawman and we are all questioned about the event that happened given our statements and told not to leave town for a few days until all stories are checked out.  Paulo is itching to drum up some business and Dr. Janssen says that we might head on over to the EGF building and inform them that Tankredo Pederson is a victim of a mugging gone bad and that also there might be a business opportunity as well.

From this point on the bulk of the adventure was uncovering what truly happened. And I don’t want to spoil the rest of the adventure for you since it’s a introductory adventure for A Thousand Sounds and someone might want to play it but just a big ol investigation which leads from one clue to another clue to unravel what is truly going on here.  So there is spoilers after the cut.

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Pretty Uniforms Specked With Blood

A Big Eyes Small Mouth (BESM 1st Edition) Adventure

*GM Note: I had accidentally left the notes to this adventure at the table. So this is all going from memory. Sorry if I left out details of who did what in combat since some of the players did some really cool stuff.

Cast of Characters:
Hank “The Tank” Tanaka – Mark
Maggie Arielle – Remil
Maise May – John
Luci Warhammer – Scott

Prologue: Bueller, Bueller, Bueller
or How I Spent My Boring Morning In Homeroom

Our adventure begins at the Hightower Academy in Tokyo City. It’s a beautiful spring day, with the sun shining brightly in the crystal blue sky and not a cloud to be seen. Hank, Maggie, Maise, and Luci and fellow classmates are stuck indoors in Ms. Ootani’s home room class. As attendance is being called Hank, Maggie, Maise and Luci can hear sirens off in the distance, as a shadow falls over the city. Looking up to the sky they can see a circular orb and it looks like… the students are called to attention as Ms. Ootani gives out the itinerary for the day and then dismisses Homeroom class to go to their first course of the day. Which is Physical Education which is held over at the Gymnasium across the courtyard.

ACT I:  Big Comet, Little Courtyard
or Invasion of the Octopodoids

As Hank, Maggie, Maise and Luci make their way across the courtyard. There is a whistling sound like incoming artillery and something strikes the ground before them sending them flying. As they get up and spot a huge crater in the courtyard with a huge cylindrical ship there. As the ship doors begin to open, our heroes begin to transform into the “Sentinels of the Solar System” persona. So, a cut-scene of each hero transforming complete with twirling, soundtrack, and background ribbons stitching together their Fuku and Gukaran Armour.

Just in time to see the first Octopodoid emerge and another one following it out. Maise wants to see if they are friendly and she receives some radiation burns as she approaches the cylindrical ship. There is indeed a huge battle that occurs and our heroes and the Octopodoids go mano-et-mano in all anime glory!

The first four occupants of the craft has been dispatched and no sooner after catching a quick breath another ship crashes into the courtyard but this time with one huge Octopodoid occupant who calls himself “K’thallan Ullallana Nofallana” who has been dispatched by the mother ship to deal with these pests quickly. But in the end it is K’thallan who is put down for the count and our heroes have save the morning by defeating the scout ship champion! But in the process one city block, that includes the academy had been decimated in the final assault.

ACT II: How We Spent Our Three Week Surprise Spring Vacation From The Academy
or Hail to the King, Baby.

It’s been a couple of weeks of unexpected vacation time as our heroes enjoy a day at the mall, of shopping, playing video games, shopping for shoes, gawking at the boys as Hank sits in the arcade and plays the latest “Dragonball Z” video game. They all decide to hit the food court together to grab some lunch.

It’s during gathering when they are approached by a guy who insults everyone at the table. The brute is hit by Hank’s Tray, by Maggie’s Chair, by Maise’s fist and Luci ends up flipping a table on him. This upsets his fellow gang members who all, take out their weapons: knives, clubs, nunchuks, katanas and some rockabilly music. That’s when a huge cyborg approaches and the gang clears the way for him. As this hulking mesh of skin and cybernetic tissue approaches it kinds of remind them of a rockabilly legend.

Our heroes begin to transform into their “SotSS” personas!

It’s a battle in the Mall as fists are flying, guitar are twanging and walls are a tumblin’ as our heroes are slammed about like ragdolls, they are in an all out mega-mall brawl. And after several hard fought rounds, the King is down for the count.

ACT III: Starting Spreading The News, We’re Leaving Today…
or Invasion of the Octopodoids II: Electric Boogaloo

No sooner has the dust settled in the mall, when our heroes are approached by two Men in Black. They say they have been scouring  the city for the Pretty Soldiers who fought off the Octopodoids Invasion. And they are glad to have found them since they are needed for an urgent mission.

Our heroes are informed that a second wave of Octopodoids are coming and that they need them to keep the alien invaders at bay. The problem is that it’s already begun in North America at New York! Our heroes agree to see what they can do to stop these ugly alien mofos in their tracks.

A MiB takes out a small disc from his pocket and puts it on the table and asks each member to touch it and then whammo all are teleported to Time Square. It’s dark, it’s windy and their is no one around! A huge cylindrical ship crashes through buildings and lands before them sending up a huge chucks of debris. As two heavily armed Octopodoid Warlords emerge and it’s battle city once again!

The battle is pretty fierce but our heroes take the first one down and then the second one is a much bigger challenge but manage to knock it into the ground and into the subway system and manage to hold it there until it is taken out by a subway train. That’s when there is a huge firestorm sweeps through several city blocks and disintegrates buildings. It was good that our heroes were down below and the shock-wave missed them.  As our heroes climb up from underground they hear a voice declaring to bow down before them now or else face the most the Octopodoid’s champion.

Our heroes agree that facing the Octopodoid’s champion is better than having to be served as a side dish for an invading alien race.

End Chapter: Along Comes Mary

The Octopodoid’s mother ship hovers over the group and a beam of light shines and a small child emerges. She looks like a seven year old child, in a white gown and holding a teddy bear. Mary proved to be the biggest challenge of the Sentinels and she nearly had done them in if it wasn’t for Hank’s selfish act of holding Mary steady so that the others would have a clear shot at her.

Mary was seeping out Hank’s soul in the process and he nearly died, his Soul was drained to 1 by the time Marry was dealt the final blow and she was dispatched. The Sentinels showed the alien invaders that they are true warriors and the invaders decide that they have met their match and will leave the Earth alone… for now.

My Cangames 2017 Experience!

Saturday morning I was up before the dawn printing out character sheets for the event I would be running just a few hours later at Cangames in Ottawa. This year I was running Big Eyes Small Mouth (BESM) 1st edition at 9am sharp. A little different than the previous years since I’ve always slated my game for the 2pm time slot, but this year I thought why not give the 9am slot a shot and then game for the rest of the day.

As I waited for the others to arrive, I had gathered up the stuff I would need and put them in a backpack. I was all set to go. Darryl was the first to arrive and Mark shortly after that. It would be just the three of us in attendance since the others were busy with real life events such as work and the like. We left here a little after 7 in the morning, made our stop at Tim Horton’s just before we left town; grabbed some coffee, something to eat along the way and left the small town behind us as we head out on the highway to the city.

We arrived a little after 8:30 at the Rideau Curling Club (Where Cangames has been located now for over a decade) and signed in. There we decided to see what games to sign up for 2pm and for 7pm as well.

Mark, Darryl, and I settled on playing “The Cabuli Conspiracy” which is a Thousand Suns RPG that was being run by Steven Ross. It was our first time playing the game, but the second time we’ve encounter the game mechanics since it’s basically the one that Colonial Gothic uses.

For the 7pm game we signed up for “Flying High and Crashing Low” which was a Feng Shui 2nd Edition game which we were looking forward too, because we all love Feng Shui (but sadly that they happen when a real life event reared it’s head and threw a monkey wrench into our plans).

Once we had settled on what we were playing, I found the table that I was going to play at and Mark was going to see if he could sign up for my adventure (which he did) but Darryl decided to take a pass of playing in the morning and spend a few hours hitting the market square since he had brought a huge list of games and source books he needed to add to his collection.


A player had sketched out the characters in BESM

As 9 pm rolled around I had three players at the table, the fourth one was no where to be seen (but he should up 10 minutes later he had ran into a little tardiness issue). I ran my adventure “Pretty Uniforms Speckled With Blood” which I had slated a 3 hour session and it wasn’t two far off the mark when we wrapped up at 11:42am. My adventure was divided up into three acts; starting off with an alien invasion, then a cyborg Elvis-Impersonator attack, followed up by Alien Invasion II: Electric Boogaloo which, I will go into details in a later entry.

Once the game wrapped up, Mark and I hit the market square and I did a little shopping and found something that I was happen to pick up for $25 bucks. The TSR box set of The Adventures of Indiana Jones Role Playing Game, with the Raiders of the Lost Ark adventure and a Judge’s Survival Pack as well.


The Adventures of Indiana Jones RPG is finally mine.

Then we went for lunch and basically waited for our 2pm game.

The Chabuli Conspiracy saw six players and a GM around a table and we had some fun as well. I chosen a traveling doctor with the name of Ludoviko Janssens, who is working for passage on the spaceship “Distant Sprite”. The session wrapped up a little before 5 and it was mainly an investigation of a conspiracy which I will go into detail in another blog entry. I had fun.


A star sector from Thousand Suns.

As we waited around for our 7pm game that’s when our evening was interrupted by a real life event and we had to call our day short.  But, as we left my throat was feeling pretty rough and raw and it’s a good thing we left when we did since it was a long day and maybe, just maybe it was for the best to go home for the evening.

And that’s how I spent my Saturday.


Changeling: The Dreaming

Inspired by the current production of Bridge to Terabithia, which is happening at the local community theatre, as well as the Netflix series’ Stranger Things, I have been working on an adventure idea for Changeling: The Dreaming.  It’s sort of a one shot adventure and will probably work well as a convention scenario and the adventure deals with a group of children in an urban fantasy setting.

This also had me digging through my bookshelves for inspiration as well. It’s been a while since I had done anything with Changeling: The Dreaming. I had the books when they first came out and then traded them to someone who was into the whole urban fantasy mythos, and then I reacquired most of the books again a few years back. So, now inspiration had struck for a wonderfully little tale about the hometown and the local legend that has been told and with my own little twists and turns thrown in to make a challenging mystery as well. I don’t want to give much away until after I run the scenario.

The clock will be ticking since the game will happen in real time as well.

BackYard Con 2016 – Day 3

BackyardCon 2016 - Elfquest

A beautiful morning for BackyardCon 2016. This third day sees ElfQuest The Official Roleplaying Game by Chaosium Inc on the table this morning. A cup of coffee and an adventure ready and some player sheets set out just in case anyone liked to join. Since BackyardCon is sort of my #GenCant convention, it’s a pretty small and private convention. With an attendance of two: me and the dog.

The breakfast this morning consist of instant oatmeal, one toast and a banana. A huge cup of coffee and I’m set for the time. And, with no one arriving I spent my time working on an idea for Cangames using the pre-generated characters from the comics.

So, Day 3 wrapped up before the quick rainstorm hit. The storm hit and a downpour did occur but it didn’t last two long at all. Thank goodness.


RPGaDay 5 – Story? What Story?


What story does your group tell about your character?

I really don’t know if the characters I play, when I get a chance to sit on the other side of the GM screen,  are memorable enough for others to tell a cool story. I know at a few convention games that I was playing at had others saying “Well, that’s cool!” But, it’s been years since I had been a player in an extended campaign setting.

So, this question is a moot point for me.


Obsidian: The Age of Judgement


It was in 2000-2001 that my buddy introduced me to this game. He had picked up a copy of it and had handed it over to me to read through since he knew I was always hip to the post apocalyptic role playing games. As soon as I cracked open the book and took a quick glance through it I knew that I would end up picking up the game (as well as two supplements for it) and adding it to my collection.

The mechanics are simple and consist of a dice pool of six sided dice. The higher the number the skill has, the greater the chance of success the character has. Considering the average citizen of the Zone has a 2 for each attribute (and therefor each skill). This means that for every roll two six sided die are rolled to attempt to accomplish any action.  Compare that roll to the basic difficulties: Effortless 3, Simple 6, Moderate 9, etc…  and viola there it is in a nutshell.

The premise of Obsidian – The Age of Judgement is that Hell has been unleashed on Earth and that mankind has constructed a vast fortified city to hold the daemonic hordes at bay. Though, within the city, corporations vie for power, kults carve a bloody swatch through the streets and technology has grown to encompassed the limits of the flesh. It’s a post apocalyptic cyberpunk world and there are not only things outside the city that want to see you dead… it’s whats in the city as well that can kill you.

I’ve been mulling over a one-shot scenario to run at Cangames now for a few years and I think I just might run this one in 2017.